Deutsche Bank ups Apple price target to $530, says iPad production doing well

“Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore reiterated a Buy recommendation on the stock and raised his price target on [Apple Inc. AAPL] shares to $530 from $500, arguing that a cheaper iPhone may boost the company’s shipments, and that its production of iPads is doing well,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “Whitmore reiterates his belief that two new models of iPhone will come out in October, a version ‘5,’ and a version ‘4S,’ the latter being a cheaper device that will help the iPhone take over what is now the mid-range, or ‘feature-phone’ market.”

“Whitmore raised his iPhone unit shipment estimate this calendar year to 82 million units from a prior 79 million, and raised his 2012 estimate to 110 million from 105 million,” Ray reports. “As for iPad production, ‘iPad manufacturing yields and volumes improved materially through 3Q which should support both margins and drive volume upside in the quarter.'”

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  1. Not 6 stories agothe iPad was finished due to mfg slowdown and Amazons tablet…. The eternally uninformed sold and dropped the stock to under $400 … Of course I saw the buying opportunity and bought more…. In the same day, within hours the new story is ugraded price target…. Up we will go again…. Who needs dividends …. Just make money off the analyst manipulations.. works for me

  2. This is what happens to those that are lazy…. They are swayed by the opinions of those called “experts”… And they pay the price when those experts have an agenda…. Learn the game and play it… Or get eaten….

  3. “Whitmore reiterates his belief that two new models of iPhone will come out in October, a version ’5,’ and a version ’4S,’ …”

    Does reiterating beliefs is good?? For stock price?? Or does reiterating beliefs makes is a reality?? And from a regular Joe?? I mean no offense.

  4. Nice recovery in AAPL by the close. There is a “battle” afoot between the forces trying to push AAPL down or up, in the near term. Usually, the “manipulators” seem to consolidate on one side or the other, to create and take advantage of the price swings. I guess they can’t collectively decide right now. Some of them want AAPL lower, so they can buy back in before the new iPhone(s), iOS 5, iCloud, and quarterly report. Others are already “in”…

    No doubt, UP will win the long-term “war.” So I don’t really care, except that it’s sometimes interesting to watch these people play their game.

  5. I believe this morning’s 25% iPad slashing article was a nice bit of orchestration meant to deliberately take down Apple’s share price. Why it’s so easy to do is really amazing for such a strong company. J.P. Morgan initiates the earlier story and then covers tracks later. That’s some sweet move. Only fools would dump Apple shares based on an unconfirmed article in the face of exploding iPad sales. If Tim Cook doesn’t come out and say it himself, then just consider such a story utter BS.

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