“Apple Inc. shares fell as much as 3 percent in early trading on Monday after an analyst said the iPhone maker was cutting orders from suppliers of parts for its iPad tablet,” Yinka Adegoke reports for Reuters.

“JPMorgan Chase said in the research note out of Asia that several suppliers indicated in the past two weeks that Apple lowered fourth-quarter iPad orders 25 percent,” Adegoke reports. “‘Our understanding is that this is not in preparation for a new model launch,’ said Gokul Hariharan, JP Morgan’s Asia Pacific electronic manufacturing services analyst.”

“The move could result in slower sales for suppliers such as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, the analyst added,” Adegoke reports. “Concerns for a slowdown in iPad tablet sales come as Amazon.com is expected to unveil its own tablet device rival on Wednesday. One analyst has already described the expected device as a ‘game changer’ that could challenge the iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Neglect to realize and/or mention that Apple has moved some portion of iPad production to Foxconn’s new plant on Brazil while pretending that an unannounced 7-inch Android-based color Kindle is a “threat” to iPad despite Amazon’s “tablet” suffering from the same AppLack™, security issues, tiny-screen usability problems, etc. and maybe we’ll get a “sale” on AAPL before earnings are released on October 18th.

It’s enough to inspire us to ruin a classic song. Here’s a bit of “Manipulation” (sung to the music of “Anticipation” by Carly Simon):

Manipulation, manipulation
Is makin’ dupes sell
Is keepin’ us rich

(These are the good old days)
And stay right here ’cause these are the good old days
(These are the good old days)
(These are the good old days)
(These are the good old days)
(These are…..the good old days)

Wall Street is a game. Play it well (and don’t look gift horses in the mouth.)

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