Analyst: Apple’s next-gen iPhone will look a lot like iPhone 4, not a major redesign

“Apple will unveil only one iPhone at its forthcoming Oct. 4 event; not two, as has been rumored. That’s the word from Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair, who believes the company has no plans to introduce a second, lower-cost, prepaid version of the device alongside the first,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“According to Blair, Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will be an incremental update to the current iPhone 4, not a major redesign,” Paczkowski reports. “It will feature a faster A5 processor, a higher-resolution eight megapixel camera and possibly a larger screen. But beyond this, its design will be largely similar to that of the iPhone 4.”

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  1. Let me get this straight, an upgraded dual core processor, 8 megapixel camera and “maybe a larger screen” would be a minor upgrade because it looks similar to the unbelievably popular iPhone 4 design. This doesn’t even take into account iOS5. What is it that they want? Should Apple make it look more like a Galaxy S phone? Perhaps borrow a few HTC design tips. Oh yeah, add Flash support!

  2. Enough of the purported launch mystery items! I’ve read that every permutation of combined and single elements are to be launched at some point or other. Quit guessing for page hits, already.

  3. Actually, I think this is the most likely scenario. All of the rumored redesigns, cheap phone ideas, etc., aren’t exactly how Apple does business.

    Next year is the most likely time for a redesign, because they are more likely to make an LTE phone, which would make redesign more necessary, due to the need to redesign the antenna for the new spectra.

    Apple has already stated a reluctance to make cheap shit, and they don’t make cheap computers but the ones they DO make are priced competitively, just like their phones. So, no cheap phones.

    Again, this is the most likely scenario, as there is little solid evidence to back up all of the other more dramatic rumors.

    Remember the KISS principle? It is at the top of Apple’s list.

  4. Another article I read today says the iPhone 5 will be of unibody construction, so whether it looks the same as the iPhone 4, that move would be considered a major redesign. Mind you, that’s also just a rumor, so rumors against rumors mean nothing.

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