Apple board member Al Gore, speaking at conference, ‘confirms’ new iPhones – plural – in October

“Former Vice President and Apple board member Al Gore has confirmed that new iPhones will be released in October,” Matthew Panzarino reports for TNW.

“He specifically stated that ‘the new iPhones would be out next month’ at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit today,” Panzarino reports. “We’ve been informed by Toby Shapshak, the editor of Stuff Magazine in South Africa that is attending the conference, that his quote was specifically: ‘Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug.'”

Panzarino reports, “Shapshak says that the statement was definitely plural, although it wasn’t clear whether that meant two different models, as the statement was not clarified in any way by Gore.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Make that former Apple board member Al Gore in 3… 2… 😉

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Ha ha. Except that Mr. Gore never claimed to have invented the internet. He was almost uniformly misquoted by the media. He was a key figure in approving the funding which help in building the technology that led to the creation of the internet.

        1. And he was exactly right. It was his political/funding initiative that lead to the development of existing systems into what we now call the internet.

          He never claimed to be a programmer or network specialist. He helped “create” not “invent”.

          1. “…And he was exactly right. It was his political/funding initiative that lead to the development of existing systems into what we now call the internet….”

            Uh… what we call the Internet today was largely created by private companies. DARPA is given credit for funding research into computer networking that resulted in ARPAnet. TCP/IP was finalized in the 1980s. Basically giving Gore credit for any of this is laughable. He did fund a bunch of universities with HPC grants around 1998, but few actually know where most of that money went.

          1. Not in the context of his statement.

            He no doubt could have stated it better.
            He probably meant that he took the intitiative in aiding the development of the internet through active support and funding etc.

            Who among hasn’t made statements that have been misinterpreted by others or in any event could have been said more clearly?

        2. If you listen carefully, he’s saying “I took the initiative in creating the fish stick.” There’s nothing in there about the internet, and most people do acknowledge that without Al Gore, there would be no fish sticks.

    1. Al Gore – aka Big Loser – simply said the new phones would be out next month – the plural meant there would be lots and lots new phones – not two new models – lots and lots of new phones – say in the range of millions and millions.

        1. Where do these right winged trolls come from? This is an Apple topic not your political battleground!

          But… you know you’re a republican redneck if you turn an Apple interest story into a “drag down anyone Democrat” berating session!

  1. I doubt Apple tells the BoD about product launches. Gore is probably getting this from reading MDN. I mean if you look at the current survey results there’s got to be 131 people here with over $10M worth of Apple stock. Gore is probably one of them.

  2. Al Gore is a great man, who has been sticking his neck out since the 1980s to warn us of the greatest threat that human health and economies will face this century– carbon pollution. For his trouble, the corrupt pro-pollution lobby, their political allies, and an astonishing number of idiot wannabe libertarians who imagine that mild anti-pollution regulations are a greater threat to human freedom than global environmental catastrophe, have been making fun of Al Gore ever since. We’ll see who has the last laugh- I’m betting it will be Gore.

    I’m also betting Cook and the Apple board will overlook this transgression- if it wasn’t just a planned leak, that is.

      1. Yeah and I bet you never opine on Apple’s products to your friends either. Wanting to make a buck and putting one’s money where ones beliefs are doesn’t make you, or him, wrong.

        1. I wasn’t commenting on whether he is right or wrong.

          He has a vested interest in seeing the global warming alarm bells ring as loudly as possible which bias his opinions regardless of any intent to be objective.

          Anytime money is involved, especially when large sums are involved like in the lucrative global warming business (and it is a business), you have to scrutinize more closely what these people are claiming and what they have at stake. This is one of the reasons that in scientific literature, the authors of any study have to disclose any conflict of interest.

          So this doesn’t mean that al gore is right or wrong, but just take into account what he has at stake when he makes these claims.

    1. How does that Kool-Aid taste?

      Minor regulations like “Cap and Trade?” Right off the bat you know this is BS because it does nothing to curb carbon emissions, it just taxes businesses. By corrupt pro-pollution lobby I assume you mean neighborhood bakeries that would also be taxed for carbon emissions.

      I.e. give us money and your emissions are ok? Seriously? Absurd. If climate change is truly the danger they perceive it to be, why not say “Your carbon emissions must end.” Period. Why is there yet another transfer of wealth scheme stuffed in the middle.

      Anthropogenic Global Warming is at best questionable. There are as many scientists and climatologists that aren’t on the government teat who can easily refute the conclusions of those who make their money promoting global warming.

      “Climate change” rhetoric is not science. It is politics, all wrapped up in the religious zealotry of radical environmentalism.

      How many times do these people have to be proven wrong? How many end of the world scenarios must come and go before people realize Gore has absolutely no idea wtf he’s talking about?

      “global environmental catastrophe” indeed.

      1. 5

        if AGW was even remotely legit, you’d be able to buy carbon credits by saving habitat (ie carbon sinks) from destruction. the only way you can obtain this credit is through specially sanctioned organizations backed by al gore, Goldman saachs, etc.

        a hole al got it backwards, first comes heat from a flaming ball of gas, then the oceans heat up, THUS releasing CO2, it’s common sense.

        also, it’s hilarious that the AGW people continuously and conveniently forget to mention that the earth is predicted to cool over the next two decades.

      2. Wrong, Thelonious.

        If you had any understanding of economic theory you’d understand why C&T is the most efficient way to reduce emissions — by providing an incentive not to pollute.

        And your blanket statement on how AGW is “questionable” is also worth a laugh or two. 2% of your scientists kinda get outweighed by my 98%.

        I’m not saying that Gore is right on all counts — he does have a tendency to exaggerate — but your argument that climate change isn’t caused by humans is fueled by right-wing ignornace. The Koch brothers would be pleased!

        1. “If you had any understanding of economic theory you’d understand why C&T is the most efficient way to reduce emissions — by providing an incentive not to pollute.”

          Oh, do explain. Please, please, please, please!!!!!!

    2. You really swallow his blatant propaganda don’t you, you schmuck. He’s part of an immense industry that makes billions from trading on fears of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’. Just this week the Times World Atlas has been shown to be indulging in the same scaremongering, showing the Greenland ice cap having shrunk by 1.5%, with areas around the coast clear of ice, and many scientist involved in studying this area say this is bogus, shrinkage is ~0.1%, with the ‘clear’ area still under 500m, around 1/4 of a mile of ice. Climate change is a natural phenomena controlled by many things, solar output from our variable star, water vapour, which is a far more important greenhouse gas, and forest clearances, reducing the tree canopy thus reducing the amount of CO2 respirated by vegetation. I’ll bet you believe in chemical contrails, alien made crop circles and the Illuminati too.

      1. Well said.

        One way I like to put it is that climate change is the very nature of weather itself. For example 10K years ago (very recent in the grand scheme of things), what is now the city of Ottawa was buried under 150 feet of ice. No, there’s no natural climate change 😉

        The very term “Greenhouse Gas” is illegitimate . The greenhouse effect if it were real would defy the laws of physics. It has been measured and proven that the heat escapes into space and does not reflect back to warm up the atmosphere.

        Anyway, can’t wait for those new iOS devices and iOS5 !

    3. Just one week ago Nobel prize winner for physics in 1973 Dr. Ivar Giaever resigned as a Fellow from the American Physical Society (APS) in disgust over the group’s promotion of man-made global warming fears.

      Giaever announced his resignation from APS was due to the group’s belief in man-made global warming fears. Giaever explained in his email to APS: “In the APS it is ok to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible? The claim (how can you measure the average temperature of the whole earth for a whole year?) is that the temperature has changed from ~288.0 to ~288.8 degree Kelvin in about 150 years, which (if true) means to me is that the temperature has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this ‘warming’ period.”

      Gore’s claims that the “all scientists agree” and “global warming is incontrovertible” are bogus memes. Mr Giaever is just one of a very large cadre of notable scientists that refuse to accept the notion that the climate change is man made. I suggest that you listen to more than “progressive” echo chamber. The jury is out for only those that have closed their ears and minds.

    4. A lie is made much stronger if you mix in a little truth with it.

      In this case, “global warming” is certainly true. Earth is warming, just like all the other planets in the solar system.

      But Al Gore is promoting ANTHROPOGENIC – man-caused – global warming, and there just isn’t any evidence to say that anything we’re doing is having any effect on the global environment. (Of course, there are localized, temporary effects; we’re talking here about GLOBAL warming.)

      He’s a great man – a great CON man. That’s all.

  3. Um…. Al did claim at a campaign event to have created the Internet. He was not miss quoted. The video of him saying it in context can easily be found with a simple YouTube search…

    This is bad news for the iPhone… Al has never been right about anything.

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