5 things you won’t see at Apple’s October 4th special media event

“As Apple prepares for its Oct. 4 iPhone introduction, you can feel the thrill starting to build around all the other possible treats that might be on the docket,” Scott Moritz writes for TheStreet. “On tap for the big Apple showcase is new chief Tim Cook and his unveiling of the delayed iPhone 5. Analysts say the new phone has a dual-core processor and an improved camera.”

But here’s what’s not on tap for the Apple show:

5. 4G LTE iPhone
4. iPad 3
3. iTV (Apple television)
2. Stock rally
1. Steve Jobs: “Sadly, that day has come” and gone. Tech’s master showman, the top tastemaker in the world of gadgets, the Thomas Edison of our time, Steve Jobs will not take the stage. And it’s at times like these, when his “one more thing” schtick and his “magical” and “revolutionary” pronouncements about the newest device will be missed the most.”

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      1. Yes, looks like gold master probably later this week. Still, with history as our guide, the general release may not be available the day of the event. Or, it might be. We won’t know until Tim Cook tells us one way or the other.

    1. I said in another post, regarding an iPhone 5 coming in September or October, that September is usually reserved for iPod announcements; now I say IF there will be a media event in October, then it will be for an announcement about ipods.

      I said then that iPhone 5 would come only in March, or June I believe, next year but that it could be announced in January. Apple’s big product announcements are usually announced in big events like Macworld, which is held in January.

      Let’s see. Now, everyone wish I’m wrong.

      1. Frankly, Apple will be crucified if this October event is only about iPods. Other phone companies have and update different models throughout the year, but Apple only has a single model. On the one hand this is awesome–no confusion among consumers. On the other hand, it’s perceived to be standing still if it’s not updated after a year (ignoring the rants of those who think Apple’s deliberately obsoleting stuff every year, as if the other companies don’t do it).

      2. @Only You

        The event will include, new ipods, new iPhone(s) and iOS 5.

        If Steve feels well enough, he will make an appearance, and the applause and cheers that will rock the building.

        I hope he is well enough to attend.

        I suppose he could also choose to appear on tape.

  1. Help, folks: What does he mean by “stock rally”? Doesn’t a “rally” come from BEHIND something? I know very well what a “rally cap” does in baseball . . . so what is he trying to convey here?

  2. You won’t see Windows 8 either. Nor will you see Aliens from another planet join the announcement either. You won’t see nude dancing girls as well. Stupid to even bother with this prediction since we don’t even know if there will be an announcement yet.

    1. Don’t be ridiculous and naive, OF COURSE you will see aliens from another planet (Duh, of course aliens would be from another planet, holy redundancy Batman) You just won’t recognize that they are aliens.

  3. No more “magical” or “revolutionary”? iCal this: MDN will keep those hyped up adjectives alive even though, like all things Steve launched – they get old and we move on. And, it won’t be long before those descriptions won’t fit what Apple does because the guy who inspired all that is special and unique about the company’s gadgets is gone. Get ready for things like “average” and “ordinary” and “it just doesn’t work anymore”. Sorry, but that is where it’s all headed. One more thing – don’t call me a troll. I’m not.

    1. Don’t be so angry — he’s undoubtedly referring to the fact that Apple has released a new iPhone each year, in June or July, for the past four years, so this iPhone is coming unusually late.

  4. Scott Moritz: “Tim Cook and his unveiling of the delayed iPhone 5”

    Delayed??? did Apple announce a date for the iPhone 5 and then miss it???
    Have they even announced anything about any new phones or any timetables for releasing any phones?
    What a tool, and what they pass off as “journalism” these days. It boggles the mind

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