iOS 5 iPad 2 vs. Windows 8 preview tablet (with video)

“Windows 8 was given one of its earliest tests against the iPad it was designed to beat in a comparison video (below) showing differences between the two,” Electronista reports.

The contest focuses mostly “on differences in design philosophy,” Electronista reports. “Windows 8’s live tiles are more dynamic and customizable than those on the iPad, WinRumors noted, but the iOS home screen’s grid of icons was also easy to use.”

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Electronista reports, “While a significant exploration, the showdown also underscores Apple’s major advantage of a real, shipping product. Windows 8 in its Developer Preview is still missing core features like calendars, e-mail, and the Windows Store. As a pre-public beta, the OS is still roughly a year away from release and can’t be tested on more power-efficient ARM tablets or the 2012 Intel hardware Microsoft is counting on.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Real* vs. vapor. By the time Windows 8 ships on an ARM-powered tablet, what will be the actual Apple product available? iPad 3 on an A6 with iOS 6 with a Retina display, at the every least. We can’t wait to see that video.

*We iOS devs have been running iOS 5 on our iPad 2’s for months.


  1. yes it makes complete sense to compare a product with mere weeks of final testing to a product that has at least a year of major work left.

    sorry i had skip it, its not worth watching

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he didn’t mention iOS 5 at the start (he may later; I lost interest). It’s incredible to me that anyone would seriously compare a real product with something a year away (or more, knowing Microsoft) from reality. As if iOS will stand still and wait for Win8 to catch up.

  3. If this W8 os can deliver a decent file system, it might find a lot of users.

    After using my iPad for over a year now, I still find myself extremely crippled by not being able to easily move files among apps.

    Let’s say I have 20 files I want move from one app to another. Oh just forget it is so retarded. Why not give the user the ******** OPTION ***** to quit the app when transferring 1 file at a time.


      1. Cloud isn’t an option for a lot of people that still have crap upload speed on their net at home. Mine is 5000 down but only 640 up. Cloud is almost useless to me. When I do get a few 0000 up then maybe.

        To bad we cant use a HDD connected to an APE or the timecapsule for this crap. N is way waster than my net.

  4. I like how he did not show that you could put the iOS icons into a folder, making iOS look more cluttered than it has to be.  The “they will fix this” statements were great.  Of course the real test will be iOS6 that, most likely, will be out before Win8 will. 

  5. While a significant exploration, the showdown also underscores Apple’s major advantage of a real, shipping product.

    I love the way they have to state that – as if the reader needs to be reminded that current shipping product is better than a promised future product which may be significantly different than demonstrated.

  6. all this side-by-side video shows is how basically similar these simple desktop functions are. ho-hum.

    and yes, by the time MS actually gets this to market in 2013, we’ll be using iOS 6.

  7. A couple of things i like about the W8 tablet are the longer form factor –that stood out immediately to me. Looks to be a better viewing experience. Also when moving an app to another window, you can use you OTHER finger to swipe the windows over–rather than wait for the window to sense your intent & finally react in iOS. That’s a pain.

    1. The longer form factor is only nice in landscape, but almost completely eliminates a portrait use. The height:width ration on the iPad really does accomplish what Steve Jobs said at the intro keynote: there is no top, no wrong way to hold it. I know that the tablet is used for some viewing of widescreen video, but by keeping the hardware to a non-widescreen form factor, it maximized its use in any orientation.

  8. Video reminds me of all the other BS stuff that was suppose to beat iOS/Apple. Then all the so called journalist/bloggers just hating that Apple is so far ahead of the game, fawning over the competitions POS.

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