Microsoft’s Skype for Mac 5.4 beta adds Facebook integration

“Announced on the Skype Blog, Microsoft-owned Skype now integrates with (5% Microsoft-owned) Facebook on Mac,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“With the update, your Facebook friends will be able to see your online status and Skype you without leaving the Skype application,” Weintraub reports. “As per usual with Microsoft applications, the Mac version trails behind the Windows version… and as a bonus, non-paying Skype users will now see ads.”

Weintraub reports, “We’re sticking to 2.8, in case the snarkiness didn’t tip you off.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Somehow, someway, we’ll live without it.



      1. Different paradigm, integrating two two services vs integrating a service into the OS
        You can agree or disagree with apple doing it but please try appear like you at least have a clue. (this would require being silent when you don’t)

  1. Don’t believe Skype is yet M$-owned, think there’s a lot of approval steps to go before it is. (Let’s hope nothing stops it happening, in the way that they ended up not buying Yahoo and sinking a whole pile of illegally-earned anti-trust $$$ into a heap of worthless junk.)

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