Echoing Apple, Microsoft bans Flash from Metro Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8

“Microsoft will not support browser plug-ins, including Adobe’s Flash, in one of the two versions of Internet Explorer to be bundled with Windows 8, a company executive said Thursday,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “As he explained Microsoft’s reasoning, Dean Hachamovitch, the executive who leads the IE team, used some déjà vu, echoing motives cited by Apple’s then-CEO Steve Jobs more than a year ago.”

“Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), the edition included with the Windows 8 developer preview that Microsoft launched earlier this week, will come in two flavors. One will run in the Metro interface, the tile-based look borrowed from Windows Phone 7, while the other will run on the more traditional desktop, also available to Windows 8 users,” Keizer reports. “‘The Metro style browser in Windows 8 is as HTML5-only as possible, and plug-in free,’ said Hachamovitch. ‘The experience that plug-ins provide today is not a good match with Metro style browsing and the modern HTML5 Web.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, will the Adobe Flash-obsessed Walt Mossberg whine about the missing Flash dinosaur in Windows Mobile 8, or whatever they call it, the way he continues to moan about its nonexistence in iOS? And will he continue to deem the inability to play Flash well or even at all (as he attributes to Android-based tablets in one review dated July 13, 2011) an “advantage” over iPad in another review just a month later?



  1. It was one thing for Steve Jobs to openly criticize Flash – initially, he got a lot of flack for speaking his mind. Android fanboys love to poke fun at iPhone and iPad users for the lack of Flash, even though its performance on Android is a disaster. Besides, it’s fun to watch their hand catch on fire while trying to run a Flash movie.

    With a similar assessment by Microsoft, perhaps now the mainstream IT and news media will get a clue: Steve was right. With the growth of mobile computing, Flash just got Zuned. HTML5 is definitely here to stay.

    1. Oh there’s slot the new os can’t do…

      I read another review of the tablet version running on prototype hardware that it runs ok, but the FAN annoys them…. Yeah that’s right, a fan in a tablet… Yep battery life will be longer than the iPad’s 😉

      How long has flash been around? Late 80’s early 90’s… It’s old and needs to be put down. Ms finally made a wise move.

    2. Window 8 on ARM’s inability to run Intel based software would seem to further equalize the playing ground for people deciding Mac or PC. If you gotta buy new software anyway might as well switch to the Apple universe. I think Microsoft was loathe to see this day coming where the barriers are lowered and people would see the bald headed chair throwing screaming Emperor has no clothes.

  2. Couldn’t care less about using Flash or not, but I’ve never liked the whole idea of needing stupid dumb-ass plug-ins. I get so tired of going to sites only to be told I need to download the latest version of RealPLayer, SilverLIght, or Flash (which only annoys me because seems to need updating every frickin’ week … which is why I dislike Firefox too).

  3. Reading over these comments is so hilarious. I still can’t believes all you Apple fools still sound so much like morons or better said… ‘iDiots’!!!

    Naturally Microsoft isn’t going to support FLASH, Google has already stated they have a way around that. Microsoft is copying them again, so what’s new? There building Silverlight right into IE 10, just like Google building FLASH right into Chrome…. the fastest growing browser on the Planet. Build on Webkit to match it’s Linux roots! lol… yeah, Apple basically stole Safari from KDE, but Google just made it far better!!!

  4. This is absolutely good news for everyone but bad news for adobe.
    But seriously, flash is mainly advertising platform. I’m sick of it. Happy my iPhone can’t run flash, when I brows android with flash support it just sucks.

    Good move on microfosts end.

    Adobe should ban flash and should put more effort in html5.

    It’s amazing how Steve jobs saw the future…

  5. While the real message is that Windows 8 WILL run flash, but only in one mode, I focused on a different part of the article. Did anyone else notice that Microsoft is now making a desktop version of their mobile OS? Didn’t all the Apple-haters say that Apple is no longer an innovator? However, Apple was the first to come up with the idea of blending it’s mobile OS into it’s desktop OS. Who’s the copy-cats now? Or rather, AGAIN (note that the modern-day smartphone and touchscreen media players are ideas of Apple)?

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