HP: PC spinoff might resurrect TouchPad, stay number one in PC market share

“A spun-off HP PC division might bring back the TouchPad, Personal Systems Group lead Todd Bradley said in an interview Tuesday,” Electronista reports. “He saw the tablet field as a market area that’s ‘relevant, absolutely’ and thus that the company could come back with a webOS device, according to Reuters. Current HP CEO Leo Apotheker had axed the TouchPad after saying it didn’t get enough traction just seven weeks into its lifespan.”

“Any resurrection would most likely involve a new or heavily upgraded design,” Electronista reports. “The PSG division making PCs won’t decide on whether to spin out until December and would take months from then to become separate, making it necessary to develop a sequel. It would also presumably need to get a webOS license from its former owner.”

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Electronista reports, “Regardless of plans, Bradley was convinced that his PC division as a separate entity would stay in the top spot for market share.”

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MacDailyNews Take: By all means, resurrect the TouchPad, HP spin off. It would be an excellent use of time and resources. Wonderful idea.



  1. this will be another scam by WS. The SHYSTERS will get their 35 basis points in fees. They will get to purchase stocks at a discount (probably also have convertibles). The will turn this around, selling some to their preferred high tiered clients. Push the stock price by 200 percent making a bundle by unloading the stocks and some call options.

    The execs will have their share. Of course the bag holders will probably be a pension fund managed by the SHYSTERS themselves.

  2. I wish I could be on the board of one of these companies. You just spent $100 million on research, development, production, and marketing. We’ve hardly sold any of these socalled “iPad killers” so after 7 weeks we sell them off for $99 – a major loss. Now you say you want to do this all over again. Is today April 1? Am I being Punk’d? Really? How much weed did you smoke last night?

    I’d call for his resignation immediately. Give me $50 million and you’ll still come out ahead.

  3. “The PSG division making PCs won’t decide on whether to spin out until December…”

    Unbelievable. By the time they figure it out, the market will have gotten the message: HP computer devices have no reliable long-term support.

    With that kind of management would you buy an HP-branded computer or tablet for your home or business?

    1. Business, yes. HP’s enterprise / server business unit is in no trouble at all. They are king of that market and will continue to be. Enterprises everywhere do and will continue to use their server products regardless of what they do in the consumer market. Its the one thing HP does very very well.

      1. Servers and systems sure. But PCs and mobile are finished. People complain about Apple’s lack of a roadmap, but HP announced there may not even be a road.

    1. Yeah, but if the company’s main product is sold on a 5% gross margin and its other product is sold at a hefty loss, how pray will the company be able to afford its employees?

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