Warning: Mac users should avoid scam ‘iCloud’ emails

“An e-mail asking for credit card information is being sent to MobileMe and other Mac users purporting to want the info so the user can ‘sign up for iCloud,’ but it is a hoax,” MacNN reports.

“The iCloud service, set to begin sometime in the fall, has not rolled out yet — and is a free offering which MobileMe members will automatically be enrolled in,” MacNN reports. “The e-mail, supposedly sent from ‘The Apple store Team,’ (sic) goes on to warn MobileMe users that their subscription will be extended and invites users to ‘sign up’ for iCloud.”

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MacNN reports, “Apple has posted a FAQ regarding the transition to iCloud from MobileMe, and users are encouraged to avoid clicking on links in e-mails that seem suspicious. Users of the default Mac mail program Mail can opt to reveal the headers of the e-mail to determine where it is really coming from, as well as see what URL the blue hotlinks actually link to. As a rule of thumb, if a link in an e-mail sends the recipient to a page asking for credit-card or bank details, it is best avoided and reported to authorities.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Nah, just get AdBlock and take care of the problem at the source. Once I put in AdBlock, I disabled ClickToFlash. AdBlock takes care of all the Flash ads, so constantly clicking to load YouTube and other apps was getting annoying.


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