Joe Wilcox has lost his passion for Apple or something

“Earlier this month I sold my 11.6-inch MacBook Air (using Samsung Series 5 Chromebook now) and iPhone 4 (switched back to Google Nexus S),” Joe Wilcox hit-whores for Betanews. “I don’t miss either Apple product. Not the least bit. In reflecting, I realize that the spell is broken. Without Apple Chairman Steve Jobs driving innovation or inspiring passion — the oft-called ‘reality distortion field’ — my Apple enthusiasm is gone. Perhaps it’s return to sanity.”

I should have connected the dots sooner, but often people don’t easily apply even basic math to emotional matters, because the nuances move swiftly on the surface with many slower currents and fast-churning eddies below. The ocean is an excellent analogy. Yesterday, in viewing Nate Mook’s slideshow of 20 products introduced by Jobs, and resurfacing emotions about the different launches,” Wilcox blathers insipidly. “I had an epiphany. I could see how much Jobs’ passion infected mine — his ability to inspire about what Apple products offered.”

You get the idea. Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Seriously, Joe, if you’re this desperate for hits, you’re doing something wrong. Betanews, if this is intended to be satire, hire a better writer next time.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jimmy W.” for the heads up.]


  1. what a clown Joe is, mind you generic technology should fit right in with his generic life, go ahead and make the change away from Apple, just kindly get out of the way so the next person in line can buy the best!!!

    1. Like the Apple alternative are so much better, or a spell has been broken and suddenly Apple products no longer look like a beautiful princess but a witchly hag. The guys a nutbag. It’s his tremendous loss.

  2. What a moron. I buy Apple products because they are the best on the market, not because somehow Steve Jobs put some voodoo trance on me that somehow made me unable to use my brain. Anyone who makes a comment like this is an ass clown.

      1. Especially considering that very small amount of hundreds million people actually ever saw a single Jobs keynote.

        I mean, of course, for business world Jobs’ keynotes were by far most popular events ever with millions of watchers, but nothing like hundreds of million.

        So even if to suppose this ridiculous thought about Jobs emitting RDF is correct, it could theoretically influence only tiny portion of all Apple product buyers.

    1. Truth. While I recognize Jobs’ brilliance, I’ve never bought a single Apple product with him in mind. I buy Apple products because I like the performance, function and design. Everyone knows Wilcox is a fool, and he just opened his mouth and confirmed it to everyone.

    2. Apple set the standards in which every player who wishes to be relevant has to follow by copying its products. First, the personal computer: Watson of IBM mandated that the world only need 5 supercomputers and that they should be managed by a priesthood of geeks. But Apple said “no” and proceeded to smash IBM’s hegemony by producing computers for the “rest of us”. This spawned a host of copycats of Apple’s form factor. 

      Then came Microsoft’s command-line DOS OS which can only do limited applications for word processing and number crunching. Apple’s graphical interface again changed the paradigm and made it possible for any applications to be run on a computer. For desktop publishing, the cost of entry into publishing diminished from millions of dollars to just a few hundred dollars. Every computer now produced has to have a graphical interface and the DOS command line is obliterated from the face of the earth. Same too for music, broadcasting and many high cost occupations. Now everyone can be a one-man operator which formerly required expensive equipments and an army of specialists. Next the music and movie industries: Apple save the music industry and will tame the movie industry.

      Lastly, the cellular operators: The cellular operators used to dictate what cell-phone manufacturers can or cannot do. Apple smash the powers of the cellular operators and now practically any cell-phones have the freedom to do what were prohibited before. 

      Where no one wanted to take the risk to undertake such paradigm shifts, Apple has single-handedly liberated millions of individuals and businesses to do the impossible cheaply and efficiently. Now look where are IBM, HP, Acer, Dell and a host of copycats today. IBM has lost the war to Apple, HP is exiting from the PCs battlefield. Dell is thinking likewise. Acer is drowning. Microsoft in on the ropes fighting for its relevancy. Google has to copy every steps of Apple’s moves to be relevant.

      So Applehaters, who are the dinosaurs? The freedom you have today is the result of Apple’s struggle. Every computing devices you are enjoying today, whether from Apple’s or other’s, have the imprimatur of Apple’s DNA stamped on them.

  3. Seriously? He used Apple products because Steve was CEO? Confession of an idiot I guess.

    I use Apple products because they are the best tools for me, what I need, how I use them, what I expect. Steve Ballmer, Eric Schmidt or Micky Mouse could be CEO and if they produced the same products I’d still be buying them.

    I think he needs his head examined.

  4. Yes! Yes!

    Finally some one has said it!

    As soon as Jobs left, my Android phone stopped needing to be rebooted every few days. The apps in the Market suddenly got better and actually useful. The phone was less confusing to use now. And all that malware was still stealing my information, but I don’t care anymore.

    As for my wonderful windows laptop, I can’t imagine how life was with such a large trackpad. I don’t feel lost anymore, and it’s so easy to find and click my malware scanner popups.

    Truthfully I have never felt so secure in my decisions.

    BRB, just got another warning about some virus. Woohoo!

  5. Too long, another egocentirc diatribe of a lack brain hit rent bot measuring each word by some metric of rectal complaint.

    I’m glad you’ve buggered off, one less pundit to pontificate with evidence.

    I am tired. I will sleep. Alert me not to to wake up when you’ve got tour copy,


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