Acer posts deeper than expected loss as iPad effect deepens

“Acer on Tuesday posted a deeper than anticipated loss in the spring equal to $234.3 million and lowered its expectations for the year,” Electronista reports.

“The quarter was spun as a ‘correction period’ as it had to clear out unsold stock and was paying severance deals for executives that had left in the company’s mobile-focused shakeup, including former CEO Gianfranco Lanci,” Electronista reports. “Chairman JT Wang added that, in spite of past promises, it would be ‘impossible’ for the company to avoid a loss for the year as a whole.”

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Electronista reports, “In spite of the results, Wang clung to his insistence that tablets were a fad. He saw the demand for them as a “fever” and that notebooks would eventually reclaim the limelight. He didn’t predict when this shift would happen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s bloodbath has left Wang lightheaded. Breathe, JT, breathe… Here, have a cookie.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. > He saw the demand for them as a “fever” and that notebooks would eventually reclaim the limelight.

    Well, even if his prediction comes true, it will be MacBooks that do the “reclaiming,” not notebooks running Windows.

    (But iPads are here to stay…)

  2. Actually , Lanci was right. There is no tablet market and the tablet is just a fad. Even all of the financial might of M$ and HP could not make them more than a niche player or make the tablet function an afterthought in the design. What he missed is that the iPad is not Bill Gates’ tablet. Nor is it Google’s “tablet”. It is its own class of computer. When you try to compete against it using the older paradigms is is as if you are building a basketball team to play football, everything is wrong. And when you show up on the gridiron with five tall guys in shorts, the 11 men in pads and helmets cream you.

    1. Non iPads are just a fad. An those tablets will regain value as antique shows and museums try to find one to show the missteps in ancient IT history. I believe that there will be a huge section showing the rise of the world’s largest company in the 21st century. Of course, kids will be able to experience that using a future Apple device. Maybe with a neural interface or something. Or an Apple implanted IO bio-device.

      1. You’ll find the TouchPad displayed in the HP waxworks house of horrors with a waxen image of Apotheker holding oneun his hand while a huge fire burns behind him melting off bits of his wax skin.

  3. Acer is holed up in Gaddafi’s compound looking for a way out of Windows PC maker wasteland. HP was the first to suffer from the French syndrome of surrendering at the earliest opportunity. You know how the French like to throw up their hands and wave the white flag, well, that’s HP. Acer is like a Greek tragedy unfolding. Lots of crying and gnashing of teeth, like a tragicomedy unleashed on the streets of Athens.

    1. Close, IBM stepped out a long time ago before it fully sucked the life out of their company. So, HP is really just a follower and again, not a leader. No new ideas in this plan either.

  4. So, HP is selling their PC biz. Dell has warned a future slowdown. Acer is losing money. That’s the #1, #2 and #3 PC makers by unit volume, all losing. What a cluster…

    I think Apple won the PC wars.

  5. I’ve been reading MDN for years, and I’ve never gotten a cookie. Along comes this guy saying wrong things about the tablet market, and he gets a cookie right away.

    Fine: Palm will split from HP, and webOS will be the top mobile OS by November.

    There’s something way off; where’s my cookie???

  6. “Macquarie’s Chang said a turnaround for Acer could be possible next year if it could normalise sales in Europe, boost share in China’s corporate PC market, launch new products at a quicker rate and grasp the new wave when Microsoft formally launches Window 8 next October.” Now that is a lot of “ifs” and very doubtful any will occur to any great extent.

  7. “We don’t know how to make a $500 computer that’s not a piece of junk, and our DNA will not let us ship that,” Jobs said about the chances of Apple making a netbook.

    Looks like netbooks were the fad.

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