10 reasons why Apple’s Mac sales are surging

“Apple’s Mac sales are growing at a rapid clip. In fact, the latest reports suggest Mac sales are up 26 percent since Apple released its new MacBook Air and Mac OS X ‘Lion.’ For Apple, that couldn’t be better news,” Don Reisinger reports for eWeek.

10 reasons why Apple’s Mac sales are surging:

1. Design, design, design
2. Security is a factor
3. Power
4. 4. Mac OS X Lion is a top option
5. Longevity, anyone?
6. The Mac App Store
7. Windows won’t be left out
8. Support is top-notch
9. Apple understands mobility
10. Style

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  1. #1 and #10 are almost the same to me, but this is a good list.

    I’ve watched 3 of my hard core PC user friends make the switch in the last year or so due to the current lack of viruses plaguing the OS and the competitive price points, coupled with the fact they’ve had very good experiences with their iPhones both in quality and customer service.

  2. No student going off to college whats anything except Apple products. The decade of Windows PC games is over. This new generation wants social mobile digital products and media services from one safe secure source. They want the hole deal not 1 feature of the digital ecosystem. Only Apple offers this now.

    This is also what everyone else is coming to understand.

  3. “4. Mac OS X Lion is a top option”

    In the end this might be the biggest reason for huge Mac sales and this is the reason there is not a Tablet market. Lion may not be there yet, but I see the day when there is no file system. Of coarse, there will always be a file system, but who needs to know about it?

    The biggest headache, I think, for the “masses” is the file system gets in the way. They have no clue where they saved the file. Who cares where the file is saved? Really.

    Geeks may want to know how it works (hence Android has some fanboys), but the masses dont care. Unless I am mistaken, doesn’t Lion get us closer to a no-file-system look and feel? Just like the iPad?

  4. Trouble free man, that is what I love about mine.

    My PCs are largely trouble free but I can’t really claim this is the norm since I work in IT and know how to keep windows running smoothly and to me that is the difference, with Windows you have to take certain steps and precautions to keep a system running well.

    With my mac I really never think about it, I just use the thing and it fires right up every time without fail.

    1. I agree, Dude. The day that your old Mac finally fails to boot up properly is a shocker. My circa-2004 12″ Powerbook G4 finally bit the dust. I bought a new 13″ MBA/128GB a few days later – what a sweet device!

      1. The day any Mac I own that is over three years old and fails/gets dropped/or otherwise dies is a day of celebration for me!

        Not only would the Mac have worked hard for me with daily use in my business consulting work, but it means I can get a new, more higher spec’d one, up and running within a week.

        Did that recently when I replaced my 2007 MBP (fading screen, failed SuperDrive with a dented and scratched body on account of dropping it on the floor) with the new 13″ MBPT (‘T’ for Thunderbolt).

        I call it my ‘tombstone upgrade’ policy.

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