Who’d buy an obsolete HP TouchPad for $99?

“The TouchPad is dead, but Hewlett-Packard is giving it a hell of a wake. HP has slashed the price of its $399 tablet computer to $99 after killing the product on Thursday, sparking a buying frenzy,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.

“Don’t do it. That’s because tablets are all about apps. There are just few hundred apps available for the TouchPad, compared to more than 100,000 iOS apps that have been optimized for the iPad and more than 1,000 for tablets running Android (and that figure doesn’t count the several hundred thousand apps built originally for phones that can also run on these devices),” Caulfield writes. “Worse yet, with HP killing its entire WebOS product line, there’s no reason to believe more are coming.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Save your hunge to put towards your iPad 3 like the sane people do.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]


    1. Same here! I just wanted to experience webOS and see the differences between the two. So far, the TouchPad has been a challenge to say the least. Just getting the system update has taken at least a dozen tries. I m trying to be patient since I only spent $100 on it. The only bright spot is Flash does work decently for videos on the TP. This is what I will mainly use it for- to surf the web and watch flash videos.

    1. Funny to hear someone say that since Mac users have been saying that for years about Windows v Mac apps.

      Except in this case, it’s not really true. I’d bet a pretty high percentage of WebOS apps were iOS apps first.

    1. Dont do it! The 14 year olds that I know are very tech and brand savvy. If I was a 14 year old I would be very disappointed by a defunct HP touchPad and not an iPad.

      1. Im 16 and I have a touchpad. My mom has an iPad and I also have an iPhone. I think the touchpad is fine for web browsing. I still think the iPad is better at pretty much everything but for 99$ why not just get it?

  1. To see what I can do with it? I wouldnt mess with my iPad, but if I can get ahold of one, I will just to see what I can do to F*** with it…

    For $100, I don’t care if I wreck it..

    1. this was my thought also.

      I almost got one. but I played with one first…. good thing i didn’t buy it.

      VERY slow and unresponsive. Granted it may have been the Demo model I played with, but it was real bad..

      and as Kerrigor said below, there WAS a frenzy for it. I highly doubt you can even find one now. HP in less than a day I bet sold the entire stock they had left… at a loss but still.

      I’d NEVER replace my iPad 2 with a POS like the TouchPad.. or some POS Android crap either.. But I still wouldn’t mind picking up some cheap android tablet for S&G’s, exactly like you said.

      1. Yeah, it’s amazing – even just for web browsing, it is horribly slow. I too, thought something was wrong with the one I first played with (this was before it was killed and the price slashed). I checked out another one weeks later, and it too was a total dog even just doing the most basic of tasks.

        Amazing that they ever thought they would get anywhere near the price of an iPad with this horrible hardware.

  2. I work somewhere that sold these off at $99, and I can tell you, there was a very real frenzy for these. I didn’t snag one myself, though I easily could have, because I didn’t even find that I used my iPad (I’ve since sold it), but for $99 it still does a lot out of the box even if you never download an app for it or get another software update for it.

    1. After playing with it when they first lowered the price by a $100, I ordered one FOR a C-Note today! For someone with a dumb phone and a dilapidated iBook that’s not worth the cost of a new battery (a dead key and reboots randomly to a clock date of 1985), a no-brainer for Wi-Fi on the go.

      It’ll do me for mobile i-net access (e-mail, surfing, facebooking, Mac Newz) until the iPad 3 has been out long enough to get a refurb’d one of those from Apple – and may still be worth close to what I paid. And if not, I’ll more than make it up in not paying a monthly data plan to Verizon until the iPhone 5 is readily available and wrung out.

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