RUMOR: Apple to unveil radically different Mac product family this year

“With consumers embracing a rapid shift away from traditional computers and towards a growing array of mobile devices, Apple may be preparing to introduce a distinct family next-generation Mac designs unlike anything seen to date,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Citing an anonymous source within the Cupetino-based company’s Asian supply chain, hit-or-miss claims Apple with the help of its component suppliers is gearing up to introduce Macs that are ‘absolutely different from current products,’ possibly by the ‘end of this year,'” Marsal reports.

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Marsal reports, “The brief report goes on to state that although the source could provide no further details on the matter, the designs of the news Macs mark such a departure from Apple’s existing offerings that they could be brought to market under a new brand or product name altogether.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “ojames” and “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. ARM based Macs? TV? augmented reality stereoscopic glasses? a riding mower? a restaurant chain? (oops, hope they don`t use “Mac” in any of their products”)
    You can say this about any company that sometime in the future they will have new products coming out.
    Non article.

  2. Just in case there Is still anyone out there that doubts who invented the mouse driven PC GUI OS, Apple will reinvent the PC industry, once again, for the post PC era.

    What a boring world it would be without Apple.

    1. Apple invented the GUI, mouse driven or not, and the term “PC” is essentially meaningless.

      It’s amazing that Apple is allowed to exist, since they don’t distribute all their profits to the homeless like you think they should, you dirty looter.

  3. What’s next? The “Ghost in the Shell” style, surgically implanted cyberbrain—we’re talking true “retina display” technology with augmented reality.

  4. If the source is a hardware supplier, you are all wrong thinking in minor enhancements or new software capabilities… i think the new mac will bring two screens as seen in the new Acer Iconia series… its a great idea that the friends of Steven Jobs could be really taking in mind!

    1. of course it makes complete sense.. you have 2 eyes, so the best thing to do is just double what you have to try to focus on. All we need is that chameleon gene so we can unhinge our eyes apart since depth perception is so out of fashion…

  5. @breeze – I think it was Xerox Labs that invented the mouse and the concept of a GUI, but Apple that saw the commercial opportunity and exploited it. People thought they were nuts – what was wrong with the DOC Command Line anyway…?

  6. By eliminating the optical drive, replacing hard drives with SSDs, and molding batteries to fill available spaces – computers may come in some interesting, surprisingly practical configurations. Bring on the wireless video, and we’re really talking!

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