People don’t want fake iPads, they want real Apple iPads; HP slashes TouchPad dud by 20%

“People don’t have tablet fever; it seems they simply have a mania for iPads,” Ian Sherr reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The latest evidence: Hewlett-Packard Co. is dropping the price of its TouchPad tablet by 20% little more than a month after it hit stores, as the computer giant tries to goose sales of its answer to Apple Inc.’s iPad,” Sherr reports. “Rivals have been routed so far. Motorola cut the price of its Xoom tablet after its February launch, released a cheaper model and warned shipments will decline this quarter. RIM’s PlayBook was delayed until April and still isn’t being offered for sale by the two biggest U.S. wireless carriers. Samsung Electronics Co., which was the quickest to market an iPad rival and has shipped millions of tablets based on Google Inc.’s Android software, is now embroiled in a patent dispute with Apple that threatens sales…”

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Sherr reports, “One sign of Apple’s dominance: Rivals discuss how many tablets they are shipping, but don’t disclose how many units are actually being purchased by customers… As some industry watchers put it: There are more iPads rival tablets sitting in warehouses and stores than current demand for those products, and that’s prompting manufacturers to cut prices to move inventory… Analysts say H-P is now conceding the obvious: consumers won’t pay the same price for an imitator, even a well-appointed one, as they will for the original. That has left the market for tablets split in two. ‘There’s an iPad market,’ said Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, ‘and then there’s everyone else.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: And, once certain people have an iPad, and get a load of iCloud in action, they just might decide they want to stop settling for fake iPhones, too.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. The halo raps around more than the iPhone. The Mac is sucked into the halo along with iTunes and the rest of the Apple products and devices.

    Tsunami is here!

    1. 80% of the students are using the Macs in the universities. About the same for the world’s mp3 players are iPods. It looks like the iPad will hold around 80% of the tablet market. And the iPhone will have about a 1/3 of the smart phone market. However, there is a cloud based iPhone on the way so that may change for the up side too.

      So, who are these 20% that will not see the light and cling to the dark side of IT?

      1. There are quite a few Wintards out there, believe or not. I have a friend who is otherwise quite well read who insists on building his own Windows rig and buys nothing but Acer laptops, no matter how many times he’s infected by viruses or the hardware claps out on him.

        1. I had a tenant at my office once who used a Dell. It would collapse once a year. Too expensive to fix, he would buy another. I asked him, why Dells? He said they’re cheaper. I said, I don’t think so.

    1. I agree that the iOS notification system needs to be revamped and that is being addressed in iOS 5. As for multitasking via the card metaphor that’s used in webOS, I’m neutral on that one. Double clicking on the home button to bring up the menu bar is quite convenient for me. I’ve not much complaints with that to be honest, even on the iPad which has a bigger screen which in theory the card metaphor should work better.

    2. Why would Apple need webOS for multitasking? If they wanted full multitasking for 3rd party apps, they can just turn it on in iOS. Not sure why people think iOS can’t do full multitasking when in fact it already does support it, just not for 3rd party apps.

      Unless of course you just meant the interface for switching between apps, which of course, Apple could do as well without needing to purchase another OS.

      1. You are wrong, iOS does support multitasking for third party apps where necessary. For example my digital radio app keeps playing when in the background while Angry Birds should not and does not.

    3. Multitasking is overrated. It’s not like you’re going to be working on two apps side-by-side or have Photoshop crunching away at some rendering while you surf or check email. A person can only work on one app at a time, then must switch to another to accomplish a task. I think iOS’s current method works well and saves more battery and processor time than a true PC multitasking would.

      1. Apple avoided multitasking because it suck the battery dry. That is why Apple created their push notification system. Let us see what Apple has done to hop up the iOS experience with the new A6 chip and the cloud.

        People need to read the tea leaves better. When you read that Apple is setting up a partial storage of media files in the device and will stream the balance from the cloud, you have to think less memory and cheeper iOS devices like the dirt cheep iPhone that is about to come out. Things like that will rip another 1/4 of the iKiller market shares.

        Look at the hole board in this game. Apple already won. They are just weighting to finish the game so the other players know it too!

  2. yesterday I was watching / listening to an iTunes U WWDC video on my iPod touch while walking on the beach. (Yeah… I know… Life is tuff ) this morning when I turned on my iPad and went to the video app the video was all queued up, ready to play fom from where I had left off. ICloud is really magical and totally cool.

    MDN is right… wait until people strt using iCloud and no one will ever consider anything else

  3. Swebbs comment is the most telling; the competition is only copying and not thinking about how convenience matters to the average person. Lidless Eye’s minions are all stuck in make it faster, more ram, faster graphics… as though people will continue to use those tired old shortcuts to make purchasing decisions.

    The game was changed on them: Apple has slipped away into the night with all the players (ipod, ipad, Iphone, macs, etc), all the game-boards (itunes, icloud), all the games themselves (IP, design, ease of use) and soon enough, all the loot.

    10+ years of planning and open implementation, step by step. MS laughed at iTunes/iPod; Nokia and BB laughed at the iPhone; lidless eye plotted and thieved; various dufous CEO’s laughed/continue to laugh at the iPad. Next they can laugh while their stock craters.

    Apple -might- allow MS to co-exist since they are on a mission to nuke the lidless eye… old back stabbing forgiven, new backstabbing a fresh wound begging for a dish best served cold while Eric whines. Epic tale!

  4. durrr, i know about stuff cause my iphone is shiny and i use a MAC

    Apple is too late, it’s over for them after this generation of devices. You’re blind if you can’t see it. It’s Apple who has to make “budget” devices and finally revamp iOS to compete with Android and the likes. “Budget” being justified pricing. Once developers jump ship to Ice Cream Sandwich (that’s where the largest dev market will be) Android will get the respect it deserves for being the superior OS. Once people get over their Apple fetish they developed years ago and can’t see past, they’ll realize there are better options out there. Quote me on that.

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