Samsung gets shot at overturning Apple-led ban on August 25

“Samsung will get its first opportunity to contest the EU-wide Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban at a hearing on August 25. The company will get a hearing in a German court at the time to explain why a judge should overturn the Apple-requested preliminary injunction. Any decision would take place weeks later,” Electronista reports.

The ban will still be in effect for the duration and could keep the Galaxy Tab 10.1 off of most European shelves until September or later,” Electronista reports.

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  1. Here’s crazy thought Samsung…… Tell your R&D department that innovation doesn’t involve making a intern run to the components division and grabbing a few iPhones.

    It is kind of fun watching all of the fandroids jump up and down calling Apple a patent troll. Sorry, stealing and copying isn’t innovation.

  2. I can see Samsung now.

    Samsung’s spokeshole: it looks like an iPhone / iPad, operates like them, and has a feel very much similar to these products. But, it is toally diffent. Our products uses Android. This is different, it has malware loaded on most of our products in very little time. The software is fragmented and seems to be that way for a few more years. We have very little control over the ultimate operation of the software due to customers altering it.

    So, our products offer very little of the advantages of the iPhone or iPad without the innovation we added to push the interface to just slightly ahead of Apple. Which now is jealous and is attempting to find legal ways to stop our products from staying slightly ahead in appearance.

    In short, we claim to be slightly ahead in design and slightly behind in software with user experience slightly less. So our product are obviously different and this innovation is second to none.

    Looking and hoping for a Samsung EPIC fail!!!!

  3. A friend got a Galaxy Tab recently. Probably the 3rd or so I’ve seen in the wild. While another friend was playing with it, it crashed… Twice! I don’t understand why these anti-Apple people put themselves through that kind of suffering.

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