Acer founder: iPad, MacBook Air are short-term fads

“Acer founder Stan Shih has commented that the fads for ultrabooks and tablet PCs are both short-term phenomena and urged companies in the notebook supply chain to come out with more value-added products through innovation,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

Commenting on Apple bringing tablet PC and smartphone products into the PC market to compete with PC players and creating a great impact on PC demand, Shih pointed out that PCs are the base of the IT industry and tablet PCs are also developed from the base; therefore, in the future, products will still need to go through the PC platform to create even more add-on value,” Lee and Tsai report.

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Electronista reports, “The comments as a whole were consistent with a pattern of attempts to primarily dismiss Apple’s success, which he called a mutant virus last September. Heeding Shih’s advice has so far proven dangerous for Acer. The company fell from second to fourth in PCs precisely because it didn’t take competition from the iPad seriously.”

“Acer’s fall was fast enough that the company ousted CEO Gianfranco Lanci earlier this year and refocused its entire mobile strategy, making tablets and phones important while moving its notebook strategy away from netbooks and cheap notebooks to higher-quality systems,” Electronista reports. “The company is believed to be one of those in the first wave of those following Intel’s ultrabook guidelines, suggesting that it’s ignoring Shih’s advice and planning to replicate the success of the MacBook Air.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. – Mark Twain


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


  1. This guy is absolutely right. The iPad and MacBook Air are total fads. They will be replaced soon by the next big thing. Of course, the next big thing will be produced by Apple 🙂

    1. Oh yeah…. As is typical in these cases of denial, his problem is when he said “therefore”.

      “Shih pointed out that PCs are the base of the IT industry and tablet PCs are also developed from the base; therefore, in the future, products will still need to go through the PC platform to create even more add-on value”

  2. This guy & the Google guy should get together for a confab on why telling the truth matters.

    Lying through your teeth & misrepresenting the truth only leaves you as a candidate for the loony bin when reality dawns.

  3. ohh for the effing sake!!

    what’s wrong with this people, my god man!! here is the proof of a man in denial of the reality. Some one please tell him to come out of his cave. Instead of making something useful out of is life, he only comes out with this nonsense, him and many more that says this product and that product will not last…..wel perhaps you want to look at your own product portfolio and think about it.

    1. … then it is definitely “short term”. I think, unfortunately for him, this “trend will resolve itself as a new paradigm – not like the current situation, nor like any that have gone before. Think of the changes happening when the “PC” was new – who said “the mainframe is DEAD”. The mainframe is still with us. The Padd phenomena will evolve beyond these first baby steps. And I fully expect Apple to lead the way, in that. But, the PC – and I don’t mean “the Windows-powered computer” – will still be with us.

  4. It’s pathetic how non-Apple electronics executives feel a constant need to publicly express their private hopes and desires for Apple’s demise.

    This type of statement just tells me that these executives have lost all hope that their own company will ever create anything innovative, and definitely not revolutionary, the way Apple has done consistently.

    Here, Stan Shih has stated the equivalent of a race car driver telling the media that he hopes his more-successful rival crashes his car in the next race.

    Well, Stan, I can tell you,
    “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”

  5. Yeah, and as Gateway was dying a natural, and well deserved, death, Shih thought it was a brilliant idea to buy it, and add it with Packard Bell in competition with their own Acer brand. The strategy isn’t working out very well.

  6. Poor Shih Tzu, living in a little fantasy world.

    Just stuffing a generic box full of generic parts and loading it with a generic OS and expecting a few cents per unit profit simply doesn’t cut it any more.

    Thems days be over, boy.

    Where did they dig up a crappy name like “Acer” anyway?

    1. Oh please, as a proud owner of a ShihTzu strike any reference to Shih Tzu’s.My little Tango has more brains and common sense than the idiot which obviously does not. By the way, he hates Windows as well. I have great photo of him sticking his little tongue out and voicing his opinion of such. I realize you being facetious.

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