Study: Android is least open of ‘open source’ mobile platforms

“Market research firm VisionMobile has published a report that evaluates the openness of eight major open source software projects,” Ryan Paul reports for Ars Technica. “The study—which was partly funded by the European Union—focuses largely on open governance, inclusiveness, transparency, and ease of access to source code. To quantify relative openness, the researchers established criteria and a numerical rating system with points.”

“The projects that VisionMobile analyzed include Android, Eclipse, the Linux kernel, MeeGo, Firefox, Qt, Symbian (based on the governance model of the Symbian Foundation prior to the the platform’s transition back to a closed model), and WebKit,” Paul reports. “They ranked these projects in an “open governance index” based on the percentage of points that they received.”

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Paul reports, “Google’s Android mobile operating system ranked the lowest, with only 23 percent. The Eclipse integrated development environment ranked the highest, with 84 percent. Android was the only project in the study that scored less than 58 percent… WebKit had a slightly higher score (68 percent) than Firefox (65 percent).”

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      1. Just a reference to one of the cards that fans of Android (or at least the ones on forums) often use to show why Android is better* than iOS. Android is open, Android has Flash, Android lets me pick my handset.. I can’t think of the others.

        * subjective.

  1. Heck it’s harder to root an android by far then to jailbreak ios.
    If you think android is open you dot know what open is. If it was open then you wouldn’t have to root it. Android lovers always say how there phones and tablets are so open vs iOS I just laugh. I mean ok maybe you can open the back on the phone where as iPhone is sealed but that’s not open to me.

    Plus half the apps out there won’t work on more then half of the phones. Netflix is a great example of that does Netflix even work on any tablets?

    Only 3 people buy android. Those who don’t know better and are pushed into from sales people telling them how much better it is then iPhone. Or the people who just are stupid and really think they are something cool for getting one over a iOS device. Like the people who are anti apple because they have some misconception over iOS.
    Then the last group are cheap people. They won’t save money to get iOS device so they go get a android for $50 or free or something.

    1. The rooting is totally dependent on device really and has little to do with Android itself. You’ve got some manufacturers like Moto that are just anal about their devices and go to great lengths to block rooting.

      I actually put a lot of weight on the ‘rootability’ of Android phones when considering a device. One of the reasons I decided on my HTC Incredible is because one-click rooting was possible.

      Netflix has a big DRM burden they carry from their content providers. That is one area where iOS really shines vs. the multitudes of Android devices, Netflix writes the DRM code for iOS and Apple hardware and they pretty much cover all the bases, or at the least have very few tweaks to make between iPhone or iPad etc. On Android they have had to tailor their DRM code to specific devices in order to provide a level of protection that the content providers require.

  2. Hmm it does flash? BUT…. can it be blended! hahaha (for those who are thinking in nuts theres a guy who buys gadgets as soon as theyre released and, well, puts them in a blender to see if they will blend).

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