Microsoft: Google turned down chance to join in Novell patent bid

“Microsoft has struck back at Google’s accusations that the company has – with Apple and Oracle – waged a ‘hostile, organized campaign’ against the search giant, including joining forces to buy up patents and keep them out of Google’s grasp,” Chris Davies reports for SlashGear.

“‘Google says we bought Novell patents to keep them from Google. Really?’ Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith tweeted rhetorically. ‘We asked them to bid jointly with us. They said no,'” Davies reports. “That drew out Microsoft corporate communications lead Frank X. Shaw, who offered Google chief legal officer David Drummond some ‘free advice’ by posting an email exchanged between legal execs at both firms. ‘Free advice for David Drummond – next time check with Kent Walker before you blog. :)'”

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  1. I could actually high-five the boys at MS for this, love it. I almost puked when I read Google’s SVP/Chief Ambulance Chaser pouting on the Google blog, spreading his misinformation. Surely that goon knows what the primary intent for a patent is, right? Regardless, Google will keep doing what they’ve always done; take another company’s work, tweak it, cheap it up, give it away for free and innovate nothing in the process. Keep up the good work, Google.

  2. Googles just upset because their plan backfired…..

    Their plan ? “lets put in a bid thats a bunch higher than expected…. then we can get 10x that back just by suing a bunch of people that have better ideas than us !”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! you squirted it… you sit in it.

  3. I can’t be sure, but it seems to me that MS wanted to ‘bond’ with Google and that would have necessarily pitted them united against Apple. You can’t just throw away billions for a purchase that you don’t/can’t use against someone who’s not on board; the respective shareholders may have something against that kind of money throw away. Particularly in MS’s case, they were already licensee of the Nortel patents, and purchasing them would need to be justified, I’d think.

    Good thing for Apple, Google acted like a… well, Google (I can’t think of a worse thing to call an apparent evil company at this time, even the douches don’t deserve to be called Google), allowing Apple to form/hide behind their aggressive bidding behind a partnership group.

    Next few patent auctions, dear Apple, just go through them with an aggressive intent to burn some serious dough, while keeping a middle finger gently raised towards all the “analysts”, WS, copycats, government regulatory bodies bought through lobbying efforts and campaign contributions, Eastern Texas jurors (why not?), doomsayers and the blanket haters of this world.

    Go Apple, the crazy ones.

  4. I completely agree with Google on this one. It’s not proper to gang up on a company like that. It’s immoral and just bad business. Companies like Apple should take a page from Google’s book and be a hard-working, honest and customer-centric company.

    There’s no need to have to buy patents to protect your IP Just because you came up with it, doesn’t mean that other companies can’t use it without needing permission. Google has every right to be upset.

    Plus, I don’t know why Apple is so worried about protecting their phone and iOS. It will never stack up to the amazing Android OS or all the Droid phones out there.

    JK, Google’s a bunch of dimwitted fucktards… burn in hell.

    1. Can’t tell if you’re joking or not…but JIC: Did you read the article? Do you even understand what is happening here? Google wanted to OWN these patents outright so they could use them as leverage…they had NO interest in being part of some happy intellectual community where everything was shared!

      Google is a steaming pile of EVIL!

      1. There is no doubt that NEB is being sarcastic. Look at the punch line at the end.

        I am concerned that people are going a bit overboard with the “Google is evil” stuff. It makes me wonder if we are attempting to generate a new opponent to supplement or replace the former chief supervillain, Microsoft. Please keep in mind that you don’t have to trash everyone else to elevate Apple. Apple’s accomplishments and activities, good or bad, stand on their own as a benchmark for others. Time will tell who is in the right.

  5. Google is probably taking this off their search engine now.

    This is the problem at highest levels, when they lose they go and demonize the winner because they can’t be the only one that looks bad and drive a bigger rift between sides.

  6. This begs the question,”what the heck is going on over there at Google?” this is a major blow to them and any case they might have had in their patent disputes I would think. They literally invited others who might have stayed silent throughout this whole process to lay their collective cards on the table and tell Google to bend over and take it. I mean, who does that?

    I’m beginning to wonder about the IQ numbers at that company…

  7. Ahh- you got to LOVE email.
    Google would be wise to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK on multiple fronts it seems.
    But then again, Google being wise is almost as funny as Google’s Don’t Be Evil!

  8. As was pointed out in the comments to the article, joining with Microsoft and the others to buy the Nortel patents would have done Google no good. Google’s only hope to save Android from the “death of a thousand license fees” is to own patents of their own that they can offer to cross-license in exchange for the suits being dropped. If the patent in question is co-owned by the two sides in a lawsuit, it’s useless for resolving the lawsuit.


  9. If Google didn’t want to join the Apple group — WHY?
    Why does Google then lie with their paranoid accusations?
    Does Google have some other motive!
    Is Google so evil that it can’t see help from others as help?
    Is Google so secretive that they don’t even talk to each other?

  10. Google’s response is a tacit admission that they are breaching other people’s patents. They say, amazingly, that they wanted the Nortel patents to use to defend themselves against those who own other patents. Because, of course, they cannot defend themselves against their abuse of other patents…

    So they hoped to trade the Nortel patents with Apple, Microsoft and others – to avoid having to pay licence fees, or worse, on the patents that the have abused in Android…

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