RUMOR: China Telecom to sell Apple iPhone 5 alongside ‘simplified iPhone 4’ in October

“China Telecom may have reached a ‘preliminary agreement’ to carry Apple’s next-generation iPhone and a ‘simplified iPhone 4’ as early as the end of October, according to a new analyst report,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“Citing recent reports from Chinese media outlets, analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities issued a note to investors on Wednesday that called a China Telecom iPhone deal ‘imminent,'” Ong reports. “He said the carrier, which is the third-largest in China, is believed to have reached an initial deal that would pave the way for a launch with two types of iPhones this fall.”

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Ong reports, “According to White, China Telecom would offer both the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 5 and a ‘more economical version’ of the iPhone 4 specifically designed to help Apple pick up share in developing countries such as China. He estimates that the introduction of an entry-level iPhone on the China Telecom wireless network could present a $30 billion opportunity for the company.”

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    1. I disagree. This combination of a new flagship iPhone 5 with an entry-level ‘simplified’ iPhone 4 makes a heck of a lot of sense. The 3GS is at end of life, but the current iPhone 4 design is probably too expensive to slot into the vacated 3GS discount role without some changes.

      This rumor has the ring of truth to it, IMO.

  1. I could see this being a possibility.

    If true, the “simplified iPhone 4” won’t be a Chinese exclusive. Apple could use a thinner/cheaper iPhone to address the pay-as-you-go cellular market in the states and abroad.

    “iPhone nano” has a nice ring to it.

  2. Apple WON’T dilute the product pool!

    Enough with this BS! (iPhone mini/ micro/ nano, iPhone 4.1 etc!)

    iPhone 4 16GB model to replace the 3GS as the entry level iPhone, iPhone 5 to sport 32GB and 64GB options with an A5 chip (if they’ve made the cooling and power consumption fit the smaller form factor of the iPhone – which they probably have…)

    Anything else is just BS!

    The only point of contention is the name! Short of turning the next iPhone into a transformer there isn’t much surprise that’s gonna come of it… They’ve made these things more powerful than late 90s computers now! And before they go further they’re gonna have to sort out the power consumption in small form factor Li-polymer batteries… This was covered by MDN in a post last week I believe.

    Enough with the BS now! – announcement to come in September with new iTunes and iPods, and probably available in October… No new iPad till the 2 is a year old!

    1. “Apple WON’T dilute the product pool!”

      If I were to make a cheapo iPhone, I’d take out the applications and use a 1.75″ retina display with 480×320 pixel resolution and 326 ppi. It would play music, video and photos. The cameras would have the same resolution as an iPad 2, which would allow for Facetime. The phone dimensions would be 3″x1.75″x.25″ and weigh 3 oz. A data plan for my hypothetical phone would only be needed for Facetime. No Three Axis Gyro or Accelerometer. Black only. Capacities of 8GB and 16GB.

      (BTW I realize the perceived limitations of the above specs, hehehe)

      Apple having a cheaper, smaller form factor would add customers that otherwise wouldn’t be had. I’m guessing that alot of people who have iPads already would also find such an option intriguing (as well as the pay-as-you-go crowd).

      1. The thing is that apple has never and will never compromise.. And what you’re spec-ing is a compromise…

        Apple doesn’t serve the mass Market… It’s numbers are huge as more and more people seek quality and by definition value for money… Android phones are often sold at half the price, AND at buy one get one free.. Idiots see the “good deal” and think wow, but after a year of BS they think f£#%k this and buy the iPhone…

        At any point throughout it’s lifetime apple could have licences OS X (and previous iterations) but it didn’t want to have a substandard hardware associated with it’s OS..

        You have to look at the apple philosophy and it becomes clear that they won’t ever make a compromise.. iPhone 4 can be dropped in price as they are probably selling it currently at a 100% profit margin.. I’m in the uk and bought my iPhone sim free and it cost £500.. But I’ve switched sim carriers twice taking advantage of better offers everytime on sim only deals.. If Americans want the tech without a contract they’re gonna have to accept the selling price point as they do with existing apple products e.g. MacBook etc.. The only thing is I think apple knows they won’t accept that and so are keeping it contract only but are gonna allow all networks to carry it…

        1. “The thing is that apple has never and will never compromise.. And what you’re spec-ing is a compromise…”

          What you are calling compromise is what I would feel a benefit. Apple realizes that sometimes less is more. Before the iPod touch, iPod nano was Apple’s hottest selling mp3 player. The device would be a different animal to iPhone currently… Apple’s version of what a basic phone should be.

          Never underestimate the cool factor of miniature phones with video chat and Siri.

  3. pure crap. Apple has offered two models of the iPhone everywhere for the past couple of years, the older of the two being $99 with a contract. I can’t attest to Chinese pricing but it’s logical that the same strategy would be employed in China as elsewhere.

  4. This report has the ring of truth to it. All the wackos who say Apple will NEVER COMPROMISE are just spitting in the wind. Apple has aimed for the mass market in EVERY area except Macs, from iTunes to the iPod to the iPad. In all of those areas, it has refused to allow itself to be underpriced by major competitors. This is exactly the right time for Apple to go after the pre-paid market.

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