Google’s WebM (VP8) allegedly infringes the rights of at least 12 patent holders

“In February I reported on MPEG LA’s call for submissions of patents deemed essential to the VP8 video codec, a key element of Google’s WebM initiative,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents, “I had already expressed doubts about Google’s claims of WebM/VP8 being unencumbered by third-party patents shortly after WebM was announced more than a year ago. The commercial issue here is that Google’s claims of WebM being ‘royalty-free’ would be reduced to absurdity the moment that any patent holder rightfully starts to collect royalties on it.”

“I just became aware of a new interview with MPEG LA. MPEG LA serves as a one-stop shop for licenses to AVC/H.264 and other multimedia codecs,” Mueller reports. “In that interview, MPEG LA stated affirmatively that there have been submissions relating to the February call, and disclosed, at a high level, a preliminary result of the vetting process that commenced subsequently to the submissions period: Thus far, 12 parties have been found to have patents essential to the VP8 standard.”

Mueller remarks, “12 parties — that’s really a high number, and it could even increase in the future.”

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    1. Just like how they made bold statements in favor of net neutrality.

      Then turned around and supported the telecom industry’s anti-neutrality stance.

      Google is just a company. They’ll say and do whatever is in their best financial interests at the time.

  1. More Innovation by Google hampered by those pesky patents, legal documents, and anti- innovation speed bumps cause by those greedy thinkers.

    Your info should be google, your devices be devulged, your thoughts ours, and your profit ours. What we (Google) makes is ours because someone has to innovate!

  2. Don’t get me wrong – I would prefer royalty-free standards for all critical functions. However, if a patent has to exist, I would much rather it be owned by Apple than Google or Microsoft of HTC or Samsung.

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