Google’s Schmidt: Apple not responding with innovation, they’re responding with lawsuits

“Google has launched a stinging attack on major mobile phone rival Apple, saying its smartphone lawsuits are inspired by jealousy and a lack of innovation in its own iPhone,” Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson reports for Perth Now.

“The criticism, by former Google CEO and now executive chairman Eric Schmidt, follows the US International Trade Commissions initial ruling that HTC infringed two of Apple’s phone patents in its Google Android-based phones,” Dudley-Nicholson reports. “If upheld, the decision could see Apple force other Android phone makers to pay significant royalties to their main competitor.”

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Dudley-Nicholson reports, “Speaking at Google’s Mobile Revolution conference in Tokyo, Mr Schmidt said Apple’s case was inspired by jealousy and designed to shut down its fastest-growing rival. ‘The big news in the past year has been the explosion of Google Android handsets and this means our competitors are responding,’ he said. ‘Because they are not responding with innovation, they’re responding with lawsuits. We have not done anything wrong and these lawsuits are just inspired by our success.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Success:
Changewave: Apple iPhone demand outgrows Android phones in 2011 – July 18, 2011
• Analyst: Apple takes 50% of handset industry profits ahead of 100 million iPhone year – July 8, 2011
• Nielsen: Apple iPhone drives U.S. smartphone growth as Android stagnates – June 30, 2011

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 🙂 Google’s fear is palpable as evidenced by Schmidt’s increasingly nonsensical statements.

As the dominoes begin to tumble, do know evil Google is cracking.

As Eric T. Mole likely knows well, this time around there’s no poorly-written contract signed by an unprepared sugared water salesbozo for those inclined to rip-off Apple’s IP to hide behind.

We’ve been pushing the state-of-the-art in every facet of design… We’ve been innovating like crazy for the last few years on this and we’ve filed for over 200 patents for all of the inventions in iPhone. And we intend to protect them.Apple CEO Steve Jobs when unveiling iPhone, January 9, 2007

We like competition as long as they don’t rip off our IP, in which case we will go after them. We will not stand for having our IP ripped-off and we will use any weapons at our disposal [to stop it].Apple COO Tim Cook, January 21, 2009

Don’t steal IP.

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  1. I say ,gloves off apple .it’s time to crush them ! I am switching my search engine to bing.everyone should .google makes nothing and steals everything .game over google .

    1. I would switch to Bing…if it worked. I’ve tried it and will try it again. How many years does it take to develop a functioning search engine? Maybe Balmer is overseeing the effort personally.

      1. I never liked Bing either. Then I saw where they were being accused of using Google search results.

        But now I’m wondering if Google accused them of using their results… just like their accusing Apple of lacking innovation.

      2. I’d hold off for Apple search. They’re planning another massive data center across the street from the NC one. I wonder what that will be for? You know Apple has something up their sleeves.

            1. “Every major computer maker” you say?

              Which “EVERY” are those?

              I worked as a contractor for 2 of these “major computer makers” and the Mac was nowhere to be found. In fact both of them use their OWN branded workstations for producing marketing materials. You see products like Photoshop, Illustrator, & Dreamweaver work as well on PCs as they do on Macs.

              It’s a big deal when the very server infrastructure that your company needs has to rely on the competing brand. Apple is not alone with this, heck even M$FT has to run Unix here and there.

              Personally, I like the Mac and will probably be ordering my new Mac Mini next week. I’m no loyalist, however to either MSFT or Apple.

              It just amuses me when I read the fan-boy postings and how they get all giddy when something new and shiny comes along.

              I’ve been working with tech since 1982 and I’ve pretty much seen it all:
              –Banyan Vines
              –Windows 1.x

            1. You can be in denial all you want, but all of them are not as you put it: “packed full of Macs”. One of my closest buddies is a computer design engineer at one of these major manufacturers and he and I worked together on a project that went through and replaced older model workstations with newer ones.

              You can and probably will believe what you want, but I was there and got PAID (quite well) to assist on that desktop infrastructure project. My team was also responsible for license management of the Adobe software and I assure you none of them were Mac licenses.

              Don’t change your statement now.

              You said: “packed full of Macs”
              And now you say: “utilize a Mac at some point in the process”

              Unreal! I worked on that project for their PGMA team (i.e. Policy, Government and Marketing Affairs) and this guy essentially says: “bullshit” LOL!!!!!

              Oh well, you can’t convince someone that’s in denial. It hurts to hear the truth.

    2. The only Bing that I like is Bing Crosby. Microsoft isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue, John. I hold grudges, and that’s why I have stayed away from Bing. I suppose that Yahoo is an option.

      If I have to boycott all of the evil companies, I won’t have many choices left…

  2. Pure hypocrisy from the company that cut and pasted Oracle code into Android.

    Android suddenly changed direction once Apple showed how to do it right with the iPhone and the iPad.

    1. Where did Google paste Oracle code into Android?

      For one the Java VM is a stack machine, while Dalvik is register based. Very different underlying architectures.

      The only code I have ever seen that Oracle claimed was stolen was some Sun Java modules which do not ship in Dalvik and were used to verify that Dalvik produced compatible byte-code.

      Oracle is claiming patent infringement relating to Java. Considering that Sun open sourced the java JDK all they are really doing is creating FUD against their own platform. Essentially they are sending the message “if you use Java, regardless of the license, we reserve the right to sue you”

      Makes MS look like a trustworthy saint.

      1. Dude – Please review the links below. Google’s “cut and pasted Oracle code” is almost certainly in violation of the terms of the GPL.

        […] there are over 100 files with express copyright statements and GPL license notices and more than 60 distinct express copyright holders in the original Linux kernel headers that Google “borrowed” for Android.

        The fact that such notices are added to header files shows that the authors of the programs in question consider the headers copyrightable. Also, without copyright, there’s no way to put material under a license such as the GPL.

        Google cuts out all those notices and replace them with its own “no copyrightable material” notice. It clearly says something that Google is uncomfortable with those notices and sees a need to remove them. In many header files the copyright and GPL notice is the only part to be removed. If, as some have contended, header files are not copyrightable, why bother removing the notice at all?

        1. Ive seen them before, thats an issue of removing GPL license data from linux header files.

          Im looking for proof of oracle’s code being copied.

  3. Innovation:
    The mole wants Applem nnovation to turn Time Machine ( the software) into the real thing. That’s about the only sorry way he’ll get out of his backstabbing screwups.

    Anyone remember the state of the cellphone before iPhone?

  4. U innovate and when competitors steal your innovations instead doing the work themselves, you shrug it off & innovate some more (for them to steal). Why bother with R&D costs?

  5. what?!
    1. Apple DID and are the only ones really INNOVATING!!

    2. Apple SUES because even Google who bitches is stealing from apple + oracle + sony + microsoft etc. what the fsck is this schmuck ceo schmidt talking @?! competitors to apple not only never think but they blatantly copy every mm of apple, from hardware to industrial design to color ads – come on! they can’t even think up original colors for peep’s sake!! how stupid can humans be – ET wouldn’t bother flying by ever again, if all we could offer is Google shit.

    3. solution for google: Schmidt – go get LAID. you truly need it…as you’re acting like an asshole, like a droid robot, not human with brain of your own. learn from Clinton’s blow. he was more creative & smarter for it. relax. create. don’t steal.

    4. apple did warn with 1st iPhone in june 2007 that they patented the shit out of it, they did WARN all no longer to copy apple. as steve jobs said: competition is good, just don’t steal.

    5. if google cries over spilled MILK, let them cry. why should we users care. they have lost their mojo since 1998 Sep 4, the day of the zen engine. they have all these brainless brains innovating 100s of services, yet none are viable except search & ads. apple meanwhile went from near bankruptcy or a small co. into the world’s biggest after Exxon!! apple did not do this through google-like laziness, Mr. Schmidt.

    by the way, Eric, did you just lose the Nortel mega patent sale? stop complaining loser. get laid. innovate. think different. lead, don’t follow.

    thx 2 so mucho 4 yr mojo, but that was innovation in 1998. what have you done for me lately? nada cabronsito.

    1. Exactly. It’s like Schmidt thinks the iOS team also doubles as the legal team. It is possible to make new products AND sue people. Plus, how does he know the next iPhone isn’t innovating? He sure as shit isn’t getting a sneak peak like the old days.

  6. Google innovated alright- just exactly like Microsoft innovated. Watch, examine, and copy.

    If they wish to have proof of Googles innovation. Just compare Android before and after the appearane of the iPhone. See how much visual innovation Goggle had done without the non-innovator Apple- Duh!!

    Eric….. Walk away while you are ahead!!

  7. Oh where to begin…
    If I get this right, Schmidt doesn’t believe in judicial system to arbitrate differences and/or to deliver rulings to protect/compensate victims against frauds and blatant thievery, in a democracy (or republic in this instance)? What are the alternatives then? Innovate, he said.

    How may an actual victim respond with that? Go back to drawing board in a humbled head and try something new again, while keeping the fingers crossed that someone won’t steal again out of sheer decency this time around?

    I guess, Schmidt is the shining example of this innovative method by “innovating” a competing product “with due disclosures”, all the while retaining membership on the would be competing board.

    Class, if you don’t have it, at least try to emulate it. Instead Google here continues to stink with Schmidt hitting (pandering to) the fans (Droidnistas) in more innovative fashions.

  8. I don’t understand. Google, who COPIED the iPhone, is claiming Apple cannot innovate? I’d be willing to agree with Google if — AND ONLY IF — they go back to their original, prototype design of Android (read: a Blackberry clone). Then, perhaps, Google can complain.

    It’s sad, really, because at one time, I would have considered Google another computer company I would have purchased from. Instead, they want to be this decade’s Microsoft.

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