Apple invents new kind of synchronized, interactive augmented reality display for iOS devices

“A recent Apple patent application was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office that revealed the invention of a highly advanced synchronized and interactive augmented reality (AR) display for future iOS devices,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“A week ago we uncovered a related AR patent application describing Smart Transparent Display technology in context with varying kinds of new consumer oriented applications,” Purcher reports. “Today’s report delves into Apple’s initial vision for using augmented reality applications in business, health care and education. It’s also Apple’s second patent in a week that points to future iOS devices possibly utilizing a next generation positioning system.”

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Purcher reports, “While we can’t make the call just yet that Augmented Reality Displays and System inventions are a definite trend at Apple, we can say that they’re gaining traction. Apple’s leadership in portable device innovation is once again evident in this patent.”

Much more in the full article, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.


  1. With apple now offering volume discounts to businesses for ios devices, i think that we’ll see more and more emphasis on business features of one kind or another going forward. Apple will create api’s for ios developers to take advantage of new ios hardware capabilities. The hybrid tacking system is just one. The live video feed apple presents in this patent could be a star feature over the coming years.

  2. In related news today Rim announced their new 2012 BlackBerry Playbook synchronized, interactive augmented reality display with seven channel sound which is expected to be an Apple iPad killer.

  3. I think that Apple has been listening closely to pro in the medical field. We’ve seen it in the iPads advertising. This is going to help doctors colloborate like never before.

  4. The more Apple pushes the boundaries of mobile devices in this manner, the harder it will be for the copycats to follow. Plus, Apple will have so many patents for these unique, interactive interfaces that no one will be able to remotely copy what Apple does without blatantly violating Apple’s patents.

    1. Exactly, Bizlaw. First they built the best computer mouse and now they’ve invented the best mouse trap that catches every one of those damn copycats!

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