Apple’s App Store downloads top iTunes Store music downloads

“It was only a few weeks ago (at WWDC) that we had an update on the app store growth rates,” Horace Dediu reports for asymco. “One of the data points from the event was that iTunes hit 15 billion song downloads. Last week we heard that iTunes also hit 15 billion app downloads.”

“The milestones were reached within less than a month so it’s a fairly safe assumption that apps have overtaken songs,” Dediu reports. “The 15 billion app threshold was passed within exactly three years while the 15 billion song threshold was passed in six years and 10 months.”

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Dediu reports, “The app download rate is now at least 31 million per month while the song download rate is about 12 million per month. Including books (but excluding video content), the App Store in now delivering at least 44 million new content downloads per month.”

More in the full article, including the usual excellent charts, here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t think there should be any surprise in this. You can download apps for free in the App Store whereas you have to pay for every song you download from the iTunes store. In my book free trumps paid.

    But tellingly the range of apps that are available that allow you to be more productive and hence better remunerated (one hopes there’s a correlation) would push one to download a paid app whereas you might think twice about downloading a song you might want to listen to once.

    1. I’ve downloaded free songs and music videos from the iTunes Store for years. Heck, anymore you can get around five a week. I have hundreds in my iTunes library. You need to pay closer attention B.L.T.

  2. Some of it is repurchase of existing apps. Some of my apps were moved to the app store with a limited time unpublicized low price. The ability to let the app store keep current is nice.

  3. Wow.
    Comparing ad-supported free downloads to paid ones!
    Who would have guessed!

    This is very important to Apple, in order to one day assert that obviously people want “safe” downloads of music and Apps. Soon they’ll come to our rescue as saving angels, justifying wholly limiting users to the iTunes/AppStore, by saying it helps fight piracy. They’ll cite these “moral reasons” when they eventually close the door on what they’ll term “side-loading” of Mac Apps (sounds really shady that way).

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