HP TouchPad simply cannot compete with Apple’s iPad 2

“HP (HPQ) has struggled in months; it was downgraded by 11 firms in May and failed to meet Wall Street expectations in Q1,” Top Economic Articles reports via Seeking Alpha. “HP would have really needed a positive reception for its new tablet, the TouchPad, to turn things around. But, in a recent review by Engadget.com, the tablet ‘fails to live up to one’s expectations’ for a number of reasons.”

Why HP TouchPad fails:
1. It’s Bulky
2. It lacks apps
3. The performance is disappointing
4. The webOS software is nothing special

“The HP TouchPad simply cannot compete with Apple’s iPad 2. The rule of thumb is don’t compete with an established product like the iPad, unless your device is significantly better,” Top Economic Articles reports. “The HP TouchPad is in no respect a better device.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: LoserPad.

Again, people don’t want half-assed prototypes, they want iPads.

“In the tablet world we’re going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus.” – Eric Cador, HP Senior Vice President, Personal Systems Group – Europe, Middle East and Africa, May 23, 2011

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    1. Correct.

      The number one complaint I’ve heard about the tablets is how expensive they are. I work somewhere that sells the iPad and as many other tablets as we can get (right now that’s the RIM Playbook, Viewsonic VPAD, and Motorola Xoom). Without exception, when someone asks to see the non-Apple tablets the first thing they do is look at the price tags, because they are hoping it’s cheaper.

      People are used to Apple being a premium product and other manufacturers undercutting them, and this is the first market where that hasn’t really happened (yet).

      1. Actually, Apple has been price competitive in all their markets since at least the point where Jobs came back. They just didn’t compete in the very low end market. So, because disingenuous people could claim a laptop with a 3 year old processor was comparable to the macbook, they were able to perpetuate the myth that Apple was overpriced. This myth goes back to the days of the Apple II.

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