Apple iPad 3: An October surprise?

“Yes, the iPad 3 is coming. But when? Persistent rumors say as early as this fall, perhaps in conjunction with the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone,” Jeff Bertolucci reports PCWorld.

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“Whatever its launch date, the iPad 3 is expected to be a humdinger of a tablet with a killer display that puts the iPad 2 to shame,” Bertolucci reports. “A recent report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily claims the next-gen iPad’s resolution will be five to six times higher than that of the iPad 2.”

“If that seems unlikely, a January 2011 report from Digitimes says the iPad 3 will have a screen resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels — four times that of the iPad 2’s 1024 by 768,” Bertolucci reports. “Research firm IDC at the time was hearing similar reports from its sources as well.”

Bertolucci writes, “A fall 2011 debut for the iPad 3 seems premature, however, for several reasons.”

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  1. It’ll come in 10″, 7″ an 12″ varieties. It will be available in black and white, as well as translucent green, blue, pink and purple.

    Oh, and it will have thunderbolt, plus USB 2.0 port, and support flash. 15 hours of battery with 6 mos. standby (to be enough to make it to the early iPad 4 release). Don’t forget 4G and the SD slot that will be activated in a future iOS update.

    Can’t wait…

    1. It will also come with a chicklet keyboard attached by a hinge. And there will be a desktop version that has an operating system that works with a mouse instead of by touch.

      It will be truly ground-breaking.

    2. It will also take out the trash, do the laundry and babysit. In winter: it shovels snow and warms up your car. In summer: it mows the lawn and kills all flying bugs. Oh yes…it’s also great in bed. It IS a shame about no floppy drive. Maybe the iPhone 5 will have one….

  2. I am thinking that the iPad 3, if actually introduced in the Fall time frame, will be a ‘2nd’ line of iPads – kind of an iPad Pro…. with the higher res display and camera and thunderbolt – and of course, will cost $150 to $200 more…..

    Similar to the MacBook line vs. the MacBook Pro line

    1. This sounds plausible. I don’t know what about it would make it “pro”, but a higher rez screen, better cameras and more storage would certainly satisfy the “premium” buyers. Add a pico projector to seal the deal.

    1. IPad Pro release would not hurt entry level iPad 2 sales ….. Next model will be the Pro Model with $130 to $175 higher tag …..

      Think about it iPad 2 was a processor upgrade with a little thinner lighter and a camera that I good for face time but that us about it …….

      Next generation will have much better camera and a longer battery life and kick butt processor and higher res screen …. Ad perhaps an SD slot …..

      1. I don’t think Apple would call one a “Pro” model. That would give the average consumer the impression it is not for them. People like high quality images (movies, tv, photos), so I think the next one this Fall will be the iPad2 HD. The screen will be better and the cameras as well.

        1. But they could call it iPad 2 Express, to take care of the pro-sumer clients. In fact, they might come out with an iPad 2 Express, iPad 2 HD, iPad 2 Express HD and iPad 2 Express HD Lite . . . . . . . .

          Seriously, though, when you have two models of something, and one of those is called “Pro”, do you think anyone – pro or non-pro – actually buys the “non-pro” version? The “non-pro” version is probably just a lower-priced version that plays strongly in the marketing (” …… with prices starting at $299 …”) but is really not meant to be a big seller at all.

  3. I guess Apple will certainly need an A6 quad-core processor in it to drive a Retina Display on an iPad. Not that I actually believe Apple will come out with the iPad 3 this year. It doesn’t make any sense with the competition so far out of it. It would be like using a 105 MM Howitzer for elephant hunting. iPad 2 production should just about be getting into full swing and I doubt that Apple would disrupt that for something new.

    I’ve considered the option of Apple selling an iPad 2 Pro with the extra cost, but it seems rather unprecedented and rather unnecessary unless businesses were really asking for some special high-end model.

    The rumors shouldn’t hurt iPad 2 sales because most consumers are not like tech-head idiots who are always pining for the next version a couple of weeks after the latest version is introduced.

  4. I believe an iPad 2 RD is possible. It would look like the regular iPad 2, but have a more powerful A5 (not A6), and perhaps a spec bumped GPU, and of course the higher resolution screen. It would likely be priced $100 more than a similarly configured iPad 2. Apple will sell both models through the holidays.

  5. Stop these fucking rumours. Link whores. Baits you in then says it’s unlikely. THERE WILL BE NO IPAD 3 THIS YEAR. PERIOD. SHUT UP. Next year they’ll be an iPad 3, the year after that, an iPad 4. Yes, they may squeeze a retina display on there. But NOT THIS YEAR. NOT THIS YEAR. NOT THIS YEAR.

    Thus, go ahead and buy the iPad 2, you don’t have to be afraid they’ll come out with an iPad 3 in a few months. I often wonder if companies like RIMjob and MS pay guys like this to write these articles to damage Apple’s sales.

    1. A 6 month update cycle does not sound too far-fetched if you think of the iPad as more of a serious work device. Remember, iMacs and MBPros get updated about every 6 months or so. If the iPad is closer to that category of device rather than an iPod, then it is a very realistic possibility.

      1. MacBooks/iMacs don’t have a 6 month cycle…
        There may have been a few releases close together, but most times it’s at least a year.

        I’ll have to find the link later tonight, there’s a FAQ that shows the current apple stuff shows how long since last update, and the average age between updates.
        None are even close to 6 months… Most are over a year.

        iPad 3 in 2011…. Not a chance.

        1. It’s the Mac Rumors Buying Guide at

          I’ll dig up the history, but I’m pretty sure no Apple product has had a shorter than 12-month refresh cycle, even the iPods. The timing can vary when Apple realigns cycles, like what apparently is happening with iPhone this year. But usually they stretch out a lifetime rather than shortening one.

          1. yeah thats the one.
            They put a lot of time into that.

            And NR, Like i said, there may be a few odd things released inside a year… but most of the products ARE around a year or more.
            And if you look at some of those under a year ones.. Updated Graphics cards. not entire huge lineup change. some of the changes are minor, the major updates are almost never inside of a year. and not 6 months like macdust claimed.
            maybe during the PowerPC->Intel switch.

      2. It also positions both iPad and iPhone perfect trot holiday sales every year. Up to now, buying one for Christmas meant being out of date in half a year or less. I think this would be a good move in many ways, but admittedly unusually ambitious.

  6. So now all Wall Street will punish the stock if the rumor is wrong. Anything to keep the World’s fastest growing large company held down to a ridiculous P/E.

    1. Why didn’t you just write your opinion here instead of linking to where you placed that opinion? It would’ve been a hell of a lot easier to read here instead of on your site with the horrible font/style choice you made.

      Also, if you’re going to write up something like that, how about doing some research, posting some facts, etc… Your comment was nothing more than “it’s not coming, because I think it’s not coming”. Corporate suicide…really???

      Sorry if I come across as harsh here, but you’re link spamming and it’s not appreciated… I don’t speak for everyone, nor MDN, but from my perspective, I’d rather not see people link spamming here.

      Also, it’s pretty rude to not then link back to MDN.

      1. Well put, MrEd. You introduced me to a term I had not heard (“link spamming”) and I heartily agree with your assessment of that patently hideous font. Looks like something that would be used for badly translated, from the Chinese, instructions for a knockoff product.

      2. he wrote that june 22nd. this mdn article july 1.

        why would he have to go back and edit his blog post to link back to mdn?
        no different than if you or anyone else posted a link to his own or another website for another article.

        And point out anything he wrote that is DIFFERENT than many of the comments here?
        did anyone else post links, articles etc explaining how we came to the conclusion that the iPad 3 is not coming this year like YOU are requiring of him?

        “This rumor was probably started by an Android user to keep people from buying an iPad 2.”
        Very first post here.. Where’s your Bitching about his research? his facts?
        oh wait, he didn’t post a link…

        My eyes have no problem with the font. the blank site is rather blah though…

  7. The rumor is started by Wall Street. This one has been bouncing around for a month. The idea to to float it around to create doubt about current product sales.

    Multiple sources put the information out so that it doesn’t seem like it is organized.

  8. I think Apple will have iPad 3 mostly ready to go by about October. But Apple will continue to refine it, and it will not be released until March/April of 2012. Why would Apple release a new model when they can’t make the current model fast enough to keep them in stock? And October is when sales will intensify some more. Is that when Apple reduces production capacity (and causes consumer confusion) to transition to a new model? Of course not…

    This is just the pathetic competition, who are reduced to hoping these rumors will make customers delay iPad purchases, instead of actually trying to compete.

  9. I’m putting a stake in the sand and labeling this thing an iDud 3. No one will but this thing. Obviously. I mean the iPad 2 still doesn’t have USB ports, memory card slots and a DVD ROM. Yep it will fail and you iCabal morons will have egg on your face when the Windows 8 tablet 8 slate ships in two years.

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