Porous aluminum promises to extend battery life up to 3x, dramatically reduce size

“Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd has developed a porous aluminum called ‘Aluminum-Celmet,'” Atsushi Takano and Nikkei Monozukuri report for Tech-On.

“Currently, the positive electrode and negative electrode current collectors of Li-ion rechargeable batteries are often made from aluminum (Al) foil and copper (Cu) foil, respectively,” Takano and Monozukuri report. “By replacing the Al foil with the Aluminum-Celmet, it is possible to increase the amount of positive active material per unit area, enhancing battery capacity by 1.5 to 3 times (in the case of automotive batteries). And if the battery capacity does not change, the volume of the battery can be reduced to 1/3 to 2/3.”

Takano and Monozukuri report, “Because the Aluminum-Celmet has a high corrosion resistance, it can be applied to Li-ion rechargeable batteries and capacitors, which have higher charge/discharge voltages than NiMH rechargeable batteries.”

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  1. This will be another broken promise if it’s anything like the untold number of announcements of some new battery technology that we’ve read about over the years. For some reason, batteries seem to draw a large number of enhancements — or at least announcements of new enhancements. But they never bear fruit. I’ll believe this one when I see a 3 Amp-Hr CR3 sized rechargeable lithium. But I sure won’t be holding my breath.

    1. @ Wingsy:

      broken promise?!?!? on what planet have you been living???

      Battery energy density has been making great strides. Perhaps you are confused because every time battery makers improve the energy density, device manufacturers shrink their package size and/or increase energy usage. Your statements are ridiculous to the extreme. The dramatic improvements in batteries in our lifetimes should be self-evident. If you’re not satisfied, then enter the battery industry and show them how to do it better.

      Want graphical proof? Look at the plot halfway down this article:

  2. Things have moved on since the 20 minutes or so of my Powerbook 145b (still going strong btw) but battery tech is improving at a brain-achingly slow pace.

    Still, any improvement is good!

  3. Forget it. I would rather have technology that will run devices from energy generated by my body. Never run out of juice as long as I’m alive. Now that’s innovation!

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