Apple amends complaint against Samsung, asserts more IP rights against more products

“Yesterday (Thursday, June 16, 2011), Apple amended and expanded its complaint against Samsung, asserting more patents and other intellectual property rights than before against an extended list of allegedly infringing products,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“It’s certainly no coincidence that Apple did so on the eve of today’s court hearing related to Samsung’s requests for samples of the (not even announced) iPhone 5 and iPad 3,”Mueller reports. “Also, today is the deadline set by the court for Samsung to provide to Apple’s outside counsel samples of the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G, and 4G LTE (aka “Droid Charge”) products, packaging, and package inserts. After receiving and evaluating that material, Apple will soon decide on whether to request a preliminary injunction — a move that I consider reasonably probable.”

Mueller reports, “Many of [Apple’s amendments and] changes are designed to portray Samsung’s alleged infringement as an incredibly outrageous act of copying. The original complaint already accused Samsung of ‘slavishly copying’ Apple’s designs. The amended one stresses that Samsung “has been even bolder” than other competitors emulating Apple’s products and has created ‘products that blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success.'”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. ER… By They, do you mean Apple??

      IF so, why on earth should they? The share price is being manipulated by forces outside their control. They make great products, make tons of cash and if the stock drops much more, I will borrow money if I have to, to buy more stock.

      Just a thought, 🙂

      1. I did that once. I had $50,000 of 0% credit card offers sitting on the kitchen table. Cashed em all in, bought AAPL. 1 year later sold what I had bought, made 50 grand on VISA’s money. Laughed all the way to the bank and then some. And just today I got a $6000 offer at 0% and I’m thinking seriously of doing it again. This is the 1st CC offer I’ve seen in a while with no transaction fees, so it’s mighty tempting, especially with AAPL where it is today.

    2. No, no, they do not. It is being manipulated, why give into the manipulators? This has been covered ad-nauseum.

      They NEED to continue to focus on delivering exceptional products, services and experiences. The rest will come. That sir is what APple gets that other tech companies do not.

  1. As I stated in a previous post. It’s not nice to bite the hand that feeds you. If Apple is smart (and I believe they are) they will start finding honorable suppliers.

  2. It’s a consumer electronics intellectual property rights soap opera…

    Once thing to consider – think of the little guys, the startups. How can a small company navigate the maze of patents and IP rights to bring new ideas and products to fruition without stepping on 10,000 toes in the process. They will generally ignore you until you find substantial success, then the wolves come out to demand a share of the revenues.

    The system is broken. At best it only protects the powerful and wealthy who can afford to submit a large number of patents and defend them in court. The Patent Office was intended to incentivize innovation, but it has become an impediment in many ways.

  3. Not sure about this guy. He seems very knowledgable about patents and much less so about what is going on in the world. He just did not get the idea that Nokia was trying to steal Apple patents to catch up in the smart phone area and was trying to way over charge Apple in the standard patents for GSM phones.

    just a thought,

    1. I’m well aware of the original dispute between them over reciprocal licensing of patents. But the thing escalated and the real game changer toward the end was Nokia’s decision to switch to Windows Phone. That takes care of Nokia’s ability to offer multi-touch and similar functionality.

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