Beleaguered Acer lowers laptop expectations, slashes tablet shipment target by nearly 60 percent

“Acer Inc slashed its full-year shipment target for tablets by almost 60 percent and expects lower notebook shipments as the world No.2 PC maker works to clear accumulated inventory,” Clare Jim reports for Reuters.

Chairman J.T. Wang told reporters after a shareholder meeting that “the new target for tablet shipments this year was 2.5-3 million units, much lower than the 5-7 million units target set at the beginning of the year,” Jim reports. “Acer said it expected to sell 800,000 tablets in each of the second and third quarters.”

“In April, the PC maker cut its forecast for shipments in the second quarter to a 10 percent decline from January-March, citing its recent reorganization, inventory adjustment and a seasonal slowdown in the PC industry,” Jim reports. “Last month, the company posted a 29.2 percent drop in total sales.”

Jim reports, “Acer said early this month that it would take a $150 million charge to write off inventory and doubtful payments in Europe and would cut 300 jobs there.”

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      1. Close to that; it is fun to watch since the same Wong told last year that “iPad’s sales are declining” (yes, just exactly when iPad sales actually grew from 4 to 7 million) and that Acer would be winning right away.

        1. that’s the thing… All these companies talked such smack about Apple, and how easily they would OF COURSE defeat the iPad, one can’t help but feel that justice is being served as they crash and burn.

          Amateur hour isn’t over yet, but it’s quickly coming to a close..

  1. People don’t want a tablet, they want an iPad. The logic just doesn’t work here. Just because it’s in the same species doesn’t mean people will want it. Angelina Jolie and Rachel Dratch are in the same species but nobody wants to hop in bed with Rachel Dratch if they had a choice.

  2. to all the investor fools who don’t think Apple is going to grow more… there’s a HUGE crappy PC market out there to cannibalize and they’ve hardly gotten started. There is HUGE headroom for AAPL to grow, even though market cap wise they are already one of the biggest companies in the world. This is because they are profitable… there are several other computer companies who ship way more widgets but at much less profit than Apple.

    Sometime in between passing ACER and HP, before becoming the largest PC vendor in the world, AAPL’s market cap will be the biggest on the planet. Investors just need to wrap their heads around that simple math fact and the stock will move again.

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