Atlanta restaurant uses Apple iPads for wine lists, sees sales surge

“There’s a new use for the Apple iPad that’s making big dollars in the restaurant business,” 11Alive News reports. “Some eateries are putting their long and exhausting wine lists on the high tech iPad.”

“Atlanta’s Bones Restaurant is one place that has taken advantage of the new technology, and they say it has already meant a 10-to-15 percent boost to their bottom line,” 11Alive News reports. “Bones currently has 30 iPads and uses another 20 in a second Atlanta restaurant, the Blue Ridge Grill. They update the wine listings and descriptions twice each day using wi-fi connections.”

11Alive News reports, “A number of other restaurants in Metro Atlanta said they are thinking of picking up on the iPad trend — with some of them talking about adding images of their daily specials.”

Read more in the full article, which contains a video report, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ds” for the heads up.]

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  1. I think this is a great idea. The iPad is a great platform for an interactive dining menu. Imagine sitting at a nice restaurant. You pick up the iPad and as you browse, there’s commentary from the chef about the ingredients of the dish and how it’s prepared. After the video plays, then nutritional information about the dish is displayed with an option to order that meal. The order is sent to the waiter’s iPod touch which then transfers that to the kitchen. From the restauranteur’s point of view, you’re able to update your menus constantly without having the expense of always having to print new ones (which can get to be quite expensive).

    1. Wouldn’t a Nook Color be just as useful and a lot cheaper than an iPad? Look for Apple to lose all their iPad business next year when the ad-supported Kindle Color is introduced and sells for $150.

      Wall Street is already betting on Amazon to put Apple out of the tablet business within six months by undercutting the iPad 2 by hundreds of dollars. What restaurant wants to pay for an overpriced Apple tablet eating into their profits when they can add another 30% boost to their bottom line? Plus, the customers will be able to play Flash-based games while waiting for their orders to arrive. That’s something they can’t do with an iPad which frustrates them greatly.

      Yup, it appears that Android tablets have already got their blessings by WS to take over Apple’s falling iPad market share.

      1. You’re talking about the same Wall Street that can’t even begin to be accurate quarter after quarter with their estimates and prognostications about Apple as a business? That’s funny that you’re putting that much weight in their statements.

        What’s here and now is that the every iPad being produced has a buyer waiting at the end of the assembly line. By the time any of those fragmented Android tablets get to market, 12 months will have passed and millions more iPads will be in customers’ hands. Furthermore, it’s already been proven that no one has been able to compete with the iPad on price. So, those ad-supported carrier-subsidized pieces of equipment that sell for not much less will continue to sit on shelves.

        Furthermore, the iPad has the software that people are looking for and actually use. Android tablets still can’t compete on that front. Nor can Android deliver the experience that Apple can. There is no need to even address your Flash comment. There is plenty of commentary out there describing why Flash doesn’t even matter. Heck, it doesn’t even work well on the devices that do support it.

      2. Yeah good luck with that, with Ipad you can send orders to the kitchen without leaving the table and you can print the tab and take payment right there. The payment system has already been fleshed out on IPod touches. Plus special orders can be accommodated.

      3. Hahahahahah! That is hilarious! Thanks, Andy, for the laugh this morning. Until I realized you were being facetious, I thought you were a friggin’ idiot! Funny stuff, dude!

    2. @JadisOne:
      You’ve made some very interesting points, things that I’d love to see happen.

      However, I can see at least one major problem: The time involved in reading, listening to commentary, reading the nutritional info can be seriously lengthy. Restaurateurs are in the business of the 3 S model: Seat ’em, Serve ’em, Say goodbye, all within as short a period of time as possible in order to server another group.

      And one nitpick: Why would your menu selection even have to go through the waiter? What value do the serving staff have if you can simply send your dinner choices to the kitchen? Just thinking out loud…

  2. I’ve been selling to the printing trade for twenty-five years. I can tell you, they’re all freaking out. Every day, another (potential) print job goes “poof.”

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