Where in the world are Mac sales growing? Everywhere

“As is his wont, Needham’s Charlie Wolf waited until the middle of Apple’s current quarter to issue his analysis of the last. As usual, it was worth the wait,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“In a note to clients Friday entitled ‘What a Streak,’ he uses a series of charts based on IDC data to zero in on where and by how much Mac sales growth outpaced the Microsoft Windows PC market in the March quarter — the 20th quarter in row it has done so,” P.E.D. reports. “Overall, Mac shipments grew 27.7% year over year in Q1 2011 (Apple’s fiscal Q2) against a backdrop of a 1.2% decline in total PC shipments — a number than would be even lower if it didn’t include Macs. But as Wolf points out, there were pockets of extraordinary growth.”

P.E.D. reports, “Mac sales grew faster than PC sales in every regional market, but the contrast was especially striking in Asia, where Mac shipments were up 69.4% (vs. 8.8%) and in Japan, where they grew 21.1% (vs. -16.1%).”

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    1. Had to believe one day it would happen ….. and it will be easier to see in the rear view mirror but if you look and ask you will hear and see more and more Macs popping up ….

  1. Yep, this kind of fantastic news ought to drive the stock down another 10 points or so tomorrow morning. (Lamentably, now is the spring of AAPL’s discontent, with apologies to Mr. Shakespeare.)

    1. Apple shares will certainly continue to fall. I fail to see where this growth is coming from even if demand is high. Apple has nothing but production problems with iPhones and iPads so there certainly won’t be any explosive growth with either of those products short-term. Consumers stopped buying Mac Pros a long time ago so there’s nothing there.

      Sure, I believe that Apple’s growth is higher than Windows PCs because Windows has 98% of the desktop, so there’s little growth to be gained. Wall Street does not see any long-term growth from Apple and that’s why investors are avoiding buying Apple stock and the share price has stagnated and will continue to be that way. Apple has become the target of everyone in the tech industry and will be handcuffed by every bit of bad news from multiple sources.

      Apple has to prove itself every quarter and it’s fighting a losing battle against sustained growth. I’m not making this up since it’s easily seen over the last couple of quarters. Every small miss will be magnified and next quarter’s iPad projections will be a huge miss and will likely tank Apple shares for another quarter. That’s just how it is. Yes, growth is better than Windows PCs, but not good enough to make a difference. I’m not hating, I’m only pointing out Wall Street’s perspective.

      Enjoy Andy Zaky’s perspective: http://bullcross.blogspot.com/2011/05/apples-stock-at-critical-juncture.html

      1. “next quarter’s iPad projections will be a huge miss and will likely tank Apple shares for another quarter. That’s just how it is

        And when Apple’s iPad sales far exceeds everyone’s expectations, including yours, you’ll disappear like a thief in the night. Could your perspective be anymore myopic? Apple is prepared to open yet another group of manufacturing plants in South America and just because there has been an inordinate amount of deaths associated with Apple manufacturing, it come with the territory. The only reason we’re sensitive to the issue is because Apple and the press is bringing a white hot spotlight to outsourcing.

        You fail to see where the growth is? Really? Are you blind? Just because you don’t know anyone with a Mac, doesn’t mean they aren’t being bought by the millions.

        Wall Street has never favored Apple Inc. They are just as disillusioned as you are, about Apple’s mojo.

  2. What is with all the dolts suddenly on MDN purporting to be Apple employees. As if we are retarded enough to believe any Apple executive would spend any time posting on blogs. Gray, each shit and die. You look like a tool.

    1. @Mactacular
      And to borrow a popular phrase seen in a myriad of forums across the Internet, ‘why did your parents let you out of the basement?’

    1. What did Mactacular say that you had to be so rude to him? I’ve been observing that degenerate son-of-a-bitch gay bastard Gray now for several days. He goes by many nicks as well but always repeats the same shit that he’s a senior employee at Apple. 

      That bastard’s IP ought to be tracked and reported back to Cupertino. MDN, please do the necessary & not have scum pollute the channel announcing non-existent products.

  3. Hi Im a Microsoft chief executive I am extremely happy with the way things are going. With Windows mobile 8.2568b professional we will have a very compelling product that will truly take the tablet market by storm. We expect to have 90% market share in both tablet and smartphones by the end of the year once people see the iPad/iPhone are nothing but a passing fad. Sorry have to go now its time for my meds.

  4. “Overall, Mac shipments grew 27.7% year over year in Q1 2011 (Apple’s fiscal Q2) against a backdrop of a 1.2% decline in total PC shipments — a number than would be even lower if it didn’t include Macs.”

    I wonder what it would have been without Mac sales factored in.

    1. The only thing that’s not growing for Apple is its share price which is of no concern to Apple management. I’d hate to think where Apple would be if it wasn’t selling the heck out of its products.

    2. It would have tanked. The numbers would have been negative in the 20’s percentage territory. PC sales are cratering. People are walking, no running, away from Windows, unable to stand the idea of being crippled productively speaking by the threat of viruses, malware, Trojans and the like. 

      When you factor in ease of use in the equation, it’s a no brainer, Macs always come out ahead. People are beginning to realize that upfront costs isn’t everything but the amount of value you can extract from your machine over its lifetime is the more important metric.

      1. No, idiot. It’s not like Windows is so bad. The OS is pretty good. The growth is most likely correlated with the explosion of the iPhone and iPad. These two devices draw people into Apple’s ecosystem of products and services.

        1. Your argument is self defeating. You say Windows OS is as good as Mac OS so people won’t perceive the difference. In the same breath you say people are drawn into the Mac ecosystem by virtue of the halo effect of the iPhone & iPad. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, why would people spend extra money to buy a Mac if it isn’t heads & shoulders above Windows since you can connect to those devices using Windows so there’s no incentive to migrate if the value proposition is the same. The fact that it isn’t shows you that people see a greater value in Mac than Windows as attested by its rapid growth.

          I wouldn’t say you’re stupid, just misguided, as all Windows fanboys seem to be.

          1. Hi, my name is G and I am a windows developer, though I am a Mac user at home.

            The other day, I discovered that Win7 can’t multiple. You see, Win7 thinks 0 * -1 = -0.

            I am not making this up, really. Win7 (64) really thinks a negative one times 0 is a negative zero instead of zero. Cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye, honest injun it does.

            1. As a developer, surely you realize that the IEEE Floating-Point format allows for negative and well as positive zeros. And there *really* is a justifiable reason for having those. Perhaps you can argue that Windows shouldn’t display the minus sign should a minus zero come up, but the fact that it does this is as according to the IEEE specification. FWIW, the Mac *also* computes 0*-1 = -0 (this is done by the hardware in the x86 floating-point unit); it’s just that the software you’re using doesn’t display the minus sign.

              Oh, and btw, that’s an application issue, not particularly a Win7 issue.

              As a *good* developer, I understand such issues.

  5. Apple (IE: Macs) has historically been a North American phenomenon. Just ask anyone who has lived outside this continent over the last ten years. What we are seeing today is simply Apple moving into markets where they had zero market presence before. Despite the assertion that Macs are “better”, 2%-5% of any population simply wants something different, and to them different is better. This is where Apple is benefiting. Sorry, no tipping point. Not even close. Windows still rules the day by a huge margin in Apple’s biggest market, the US.

    1. There doesn’t need to be a tipping point in the sense that the Mac user base overtakes the number of Windows users. We know the math and concede that we’re too far behind to overtake Windows.

      But if you apply another metric which is market share growth then over time a picture will emerge that Macs will constitute 15-20% of total PCs sold. When that happens another force takes over which is the snowball effect in the sense that self-renewal alone will maintain the numbers.

      I don’t see Apple wanting to fill the entire PC space but rather that niche of it that maximizes returns & profits. If growth can be consistently maintained over a large enough time span, the law of compounding numbers takes over. This can in itself represent a significant tidal wave.

      1. Absolutely. Apple can be very successful as a premium vendor. A good comparison is BMW who has about 2% of the world’s market; nobody’s predicting their demise, nor do they need to eclipse GM, Ford, or Toyota to be successful. (The same typical “windows” arguments can be made against BMW: 1. you can get two or three KIAs for the same price, 2. you’re just paying for the badge/image, 3. Fords are more customizable etc.)

    2. Wishful thinking, IMO. Apple has made a strong recovery since 1998 and it has largely been a consumer-driven process until recently, when enterprises started to join the Apple parade. There is no reason to believe that Apple’s growth trends will stagnate and many reasons to believe Apple’s safes and profitability will continue to rise.

      How about 10%? Does that mean that 2% to 5% want something different and 5%-8% want something better? What happens when Apple market share goes back to the 15% to 20% that Apple used to have? I believe that it will do so over the next three to five years. You can believe what you want, but I own AAPL for a good reasons.

  6. Units sales percentage numbers are great (because it shows the trend), but what REALLY matters is Apple share of available profit. PC’s are being sold at rock bottom prices, with very little profit (if any) per unit sale. In contrast, each Mac sold brings in a large bucket of profit to Apple, because Apple does not need to lower prices to get the sales.

    As usual, Apple is making most of the available profit with a relatively small (but growing) percentage of total unit sales.

  7. Why will Apple continue to outpace the Windows PC market? An efficient and innovative R&D core funded by a huge cash engine. Apple accelerates during bust periods when other companies are cutting costs.

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