RIM BlackBerry PlayBook suffers new round of battery woes

“Panned critically at debut, RIM recently had to recall over a thousand half-baked units,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “Now reports indicate that a recent patch has made PlayBook performance even worse than it was before.”

“According to many PlayBook users, a patch released earlier this month for RIM’s tablet enabled new video chat functionality, as well as BlackBerry Messaging via RIM’s Blackberry Bridge application,” Brownlee reports. “But guess what? That update was as half-baked as anything else RIM’s done with the PlayBook.”

Brownlee reports, “RIM now admits that after upgrading the software, it is common for the battery to drain faster than normal or for the battery level to fluctuate irregularly.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: DCW‘s implosion gathers pace.

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  1. Playbook users??? Does that species really exits? How do they look? What is that like?
    Came on, who in thei right min woul be mad enough and have the money to buy that piece of trash? Are they of the same kind as zune users?

    1. When I see someone with a playbook or RIM logo tattooed on their body I will believe there is a fan base as massive as that enjoyed by the mighty zune.

  2. Hmmm, checked my iPhone and RIMM is down 50% in 18 months or so.

    Do you think investors have the ugly picture?

    Where is the RIMM Board of Directors when you need them, or where are the shareholders?

  3. Faster than normal? No, that’s normal. Before, the Playbook shipped half-baked with only half of the promised features. Now that they are slowly adding those promised features, you are seeing the true battery life.

  4. First non-phone product; new operating system… Its not surprising that RIM are having a few problems. Mind you, Apple have had their own problems with software updates and battery performance. I think we should wait and see – RIM are not aiming at the general market, and perhaps BB users will be more tolerant and less partisan than MDN…

    1. You can wait until he’ll freezes over if you like.

      The number of people who will wait with you, would have plenty of room in a small cottage!

  5. To be fair, iOS has had issues at points, but they’ve generally been fixed. RIM can’t afford to make mistakes though, they’re too far behind already to risk losing the confidence of even the few people they’ve managed to get to buy a PlayBook.

  6. The Blackberry Playbook is a vastly superior product – time will show this. Once the Playbook goes international, it will accelerate in popularity with countries outside the US. You know it. HAHAHH. Besides, only dorks walk around with a goofy large 4:3 aspect ratio IPAD 2. My god IPAD2 latte sucking boobs look foolish.

    1. @Betty

      I think your meds are wearing off. If you think the Playbook is going to gain any traction outside of a leper colony, you’re talking from a non solar-powered orifice. I give it six months before the Playbook is landfill.


    2. Betty White is that you? It’s ok, this is a Mac-centric website. You can show your love for the iPad. Come on I know you love the iPad deep down really but can’t say it out loud for fear that the world will laugh at you. It’s ok, it’s 2011 now, not 2001. Blackberries are destined for the graveyard. In fact Apple is digging a hole so big to bury them it’ll require a backhoe to fill it.

    3. Give Betty a break, she probably had a leaky Depends™ and got angry to see the iPad 2 users enjoying a Latté, movie, and email all on the same device! Betty, change that diaper, and get an iPad. it’ll change your life for the better. Call me, I’ll buy you a latté to enjoy…

    4. Hang on a second here!

      HEY Betty! Are you attempting to be the new Zune Tang® of the lame wannabe iPad world? You certainly sound like a deliberately clueless troll:

      “IPAD2” = a dead giveaway.
      Highly amusing.
      I look forward to your further satirical posts.
      heehee zzzzzz

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