Nielsen: 70% of iPads used while watching TV in U.S.

The Nielsen Company’s most recent research on mobile connected devices sheds new light on how consumers are using their tablets, eReaders and smartphones – and where they are using them, too.

According to Nielsen’s recent survey of nearly 12,000 connected device owners:

• Seventy percent of tablet owners and 68 percent of smartphone owners said they use their devices while watching television, compared to only 35 percent of eReader owners.

• Sixty-one percent of eReader owners use their device in bed, compared to 57 percent of tablet owners and 51 percent of smartphone owners.

Nielsen: U.S. Connected Devices, Situational Usage

But just how much time are tablet, eReader, and smartphone owners spending using their device while watching TV or lying in bed?

When asked how they spent time with their device:

• Tablet owners said 30 percent of their time spent with their device was while watching TV compared to 21 percent lying in bed.

• Smartphone owners say that 20 percent of the time they use their smartphones is while watching TV, compared to 11 percent lying in bed.

• eReader owners indicated only 15 percent of their eReader time was spent watching TV, though they spent a whopping 37 percent of their device usage time in bed.

Nielsen: U.S. Connected Devices, Time Distribution of Usage

Source: The Nielsen Company


    1. I use mine to read “Brain Surgery for Dummies” while in the operating theatre.

      … trouble is, my anaesthetist always wants to watch something funny on YouTube.

  1. i watch TV with my iPad. Guilty here.
    Movies… no.
    well, unless i’m watching the movie ON the ipad 😉

    the “in the bathroom” part kinda makes you cringe..

  2. @ FTB

    cringe if you must, but I know ‘on the dumper’ would rank highly if everyone had the cajones to admit it. I am a proud skunkworks iPad reader. And it keeps the wife from wanting to borrow it.

  3. Do we all just sit and stare at the screen 24hrs/365 waiting for MDN to post?

    I’m lying on the floor, in the dark, on my back, holding my iPad up and staring at the screen and waiting for the next MDN post.

    Fear me.

  4. Got a 4-yr old girl who sits in front of the TV watching Dora AND while watching a movie on an iPad AND working a puzzle. It’s almost scary. In another year or 2 I’m expecting her to add talking on the phone to that list.

    1. it’s the Orange part of the pie.

      side note on that.

      I see SO many people not wash their hands after using the restroom… those that take their iPads/iPhones etc in the bathroom… you have to wonder how dirty those devices are.
      then they put them up to their face.

  5. Years ago, we would institutionalize ‘patients’ if they stared into space, talked at objects and were oblivious to their surroundings all the time.

    Then, it wasn’t long ago that ‘nerd’s would commit themselves to their basement for the same thing.

    Now there are so many of us, we don’t bother to brick and mortar in ourselves. We just wander about and declare that if you don’t stare into space, talk at objects and aren’t oblivious to your surroundings all the time, you should be committed.

    Thus the Evolution of Normalcy.

  6. A little off subject, but I was in NYC last week, and noticed that almost every person with a touch screen smartphone was using an iPhone. I mean, it was like 50 to 1. This is the good news.

    The disturbing part was what I saw in restaurants and bars, at tables with more than 2 people at them. Often, all 3 or 4 people at a table, out for dinner or for drinks, would be using their iPhones to Facebook, text or whatever. They would spend 30 minutes doing this, not talking to each other. And these were 25 – 35 year olds. At one table, I saw a guy playing a video game with his iPhone, while his girlfriend or wife was sitting there, staring off into space.

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