Verizon says next-gen Apple iPhone to be world phone, debut simultaneously with AT&T

“Verizon Wireless plans to kick off pricing changes this summer by eliminating smartphone plans that allow unlimited Web access for a flat fee. It will replace them with tiered pricing that forces heavy data users to pay more for mobile data,” Sinead Carew reports for Reuters. “After this change the company will look to soften the blow by offering more options such as family plans for data services, Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo told the Reuters Global Technology Summit.”

“In February Verizon ramped up its competitive efforts against AT&T by launching a version of the Apple Inc. iPhone, which had previously been exclusive to AT&T,” Carew reports. “When the next iPhone model launches Verizon will be able to offer it at the same time as AT&T. Verizon’s version will also work in as many countries as AT&T’s iPhone, which has global coverage, Shammo said.”

Carew reports, “Some customers held off on buying the first Verizon iPhone because they were waiting for a model that supports Verizon’s high-speed wireless service, which runs on a new technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE). Shammo said that even if the next iPhone does not support LTE, Verizon will have enough high-speed alternatives to sell. ‘I think it’s a bigger issue for Apple than it is for us,’ he said. ‘Depending on where Apple plays, that’s where we’ll sell.'”

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[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dow C.” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Hopefully this means that those of us who do not want large consumption Data plans will get to pay less. For me, I have not been able to get an iPhone because honestly $30 a month does not justify the little amount of data usage I would use. I have WiFi at home and work. I’d be willing to pay about $15 a month like on the iPad, but not $30.

      1. I didn’t realize Verizon had already released their pricing plans. Even if you’re correct, what’s your point? Hundreds of thousands of people want to own an iphone and not pay 30 a month, even if it means less data.

    1. If you want the iPhone “experience” without a large monthly fee, buy a used (out-of-contract) iPhone from someone who is upgrading (or from a “cash for old tech” company like Gazelle). Soon, there will be MANY iPhone 3GS’s with expired two-year contracts.

      Then, use AT&T’s GoPhone pre-paid service. I was already a GoPhone user, with one of their cheap phones. I bought a used iPhone for $115 including shipping from Gazelle (on eBay). I swapped sim cards with the cheap phone, and my iPhone now works with GoPhone service.

      There is a pre-paid data option, but I only use it with voice. So my iPhone is basically like an older iPod touch that happens to make phone calls (and can take pictures), which works great for me because I’m usually at a place with WiFi access.

      It costs me a minimum of $25 every 90 days. It’s “pre-paid” at 10¢ per minute. Pay another $25 if you run out, or every 90 days, whichever comes first. Any “left over” call time rolls over to the next 90 days.

      NOTE: If the data plan for iPhone costs more than for iPad, it is because part the fee goes toward paying back the $400 (or whatever) subsidy that the carrier paid to Apple for the iPhone sale. The customer is really paying back a “loan” to the carrier during the two-year contract, because an iPhone 4 costs $599 (not $199) without a contract. iPad is not subsidized.

        1. It does NOT need to be “jailbroken” (procedure that allows software that is not from Apple or App Store to be installed).

          It is possible you may need to “unlock” the baseband, if the network used by AT&T’s GoPhone is different from the regular AT&T network where you live. But all of the online guides (including YouTube videos) that I saw on this topic just say insert the GoPhone sim card into your iPhone, and it “just works.” I had to unlock the baseband in San Francisco. This is the same procedure you would use, if you wanted to use an AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile’s network, for example. In some markets (such as Canada), Apple even sells the iPhone unlocked with no contract (for full price).

          Also, if the iPhone is purchased used, but it has been “restored” (reset to “factory” condition) by the previous owner, it may not go passed the initial screen in iTunes where you have to sign up for a service plan with AT&T (or enter the phone number of your existing AT&T service). This is called “activation.”

          SO, we have…

          Jailbreaking – Not necessary.
          Unlocking – Probably not necessary.
          Bypass Activation – Only necessary if iPhone has been restored and you do not have an existing AT&T service to re-activate it.

          If you need to do any of the three procedures above, you can easily Google how to do it.

  2. Data plans have become the gold rush for cell phone companies. For three iPhones and one iPad I pay $105 per month just for data. I would love a family data plan.

  3. Its interesting that in Europe, Australia, and other “socialist” countries, users get a much better deal – unlocked phones, pay as you go plans, lots more carriers. AT&T and Verizon have a virtual duopoly in the US now – so much for US competition… Mind you, if the GOP had their way, there would be no consumer laws at all; or environment laws…

    Have you seen GASLAND by the way? The US will be importing most of its food within a few years – he Bush administration exempted the oil and gas industry from all environmental laws – “Yippee!”, said the oil & gas indutry who then proceeded to pump carcinogenic and toxic chemicals into the ground all of the USA. This toxic mix is coming up in the groundwater now and poisoning the rivers and streams, the animals and food crops…

    I particularly love that they don’t even have to declare what they are pumping into the ground – its a “secret”. Anyone got any nasty stuff to get rid of? Pay us and we’ll pump it into the soil and get rid of it cheap for you…


    1. What do you expect from the Party of Lyin’ Lincoln? Dishonest Abe caused more than one million people to be killed or maimed. It just keeps getting better and better!

  4. so you want the us to become socialist? Re-elect Obama and that should not be a problem. Pumping stuff into the ground? Really. You libs will blame Bush for anything

    1. Ridiculous. Obama has been about as mainstream Republican as you can get. In fact, in many cases he has just been an extension of Bush. But you Republibaggers with your extreme views have gone off the rails and see anyone to the left of John Birch as being a communist. I tire of extremists….

  5. As a senior Apple manager I can say that it is irrelevant how fast if there is no unlimited data. Boom. That is why we at Apple are excited to release our new product to you this weekend.

  6. Not sure how those pricing plans will work but I’ve been enjoying 3G on my iPhone unlimited plan – 22.8GB since 2/1/11. There’s nothing like streaming Netflix in bed 6″ away on a 4″ screen – bigger than a 40″ at 10′.

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