As iCloud rumors swirl, users report problems logging into MobileMe email

“Although it’s working for us, we’re getting reports from users that MobileMe email is down, with users unable to log into and unable to send or receive messages by IMAP,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“Clearly Apple is making some rather radical backend changes this weekend,” Brownlee reports. “This is not the first service outage to occur over the last few days. On Friday night, thousands of owners of iOS devices found themselves unable to use their devices as Apple’s iTunes activation servers went down.”

Brownlee writes, “Given the upcoming debut of Apple’s new cloud services, my guess is these hiccups are indicative of Cupertino doing the prep work to launch iCloud.”

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  1. I would like to confirm that for quite a few hours I was unable to log in or retrieve my mail. Hopefully there will be a positive and welcome outcome with iCloud.

  2. Can mobileme be free this year? I have been paying too much for family package. I have been testing dropbox and gmail as my best other option. Gmail has push email and can sync contacts, calendars, and notes. Dropbox will substitute idisk. Findme is free anyway.

  3. I had three eMail’s from Apple about the same thing sent at the same time. Then the next minute it was cleaned up to just one. 🙂 Just prior to that I could not access my MobileMe account.

  4. Why doesn’t Apple just finally shut down ANYTHING having to do with the cloud? They don’t get it. Google does. My MobileMe has been down the whole morning, just another of the thousands of MobileMe problems I have had over the years. I don’t know why I continue to put up with their sh*t.

    1. Last I checked, Apple’s not forcing anyone to use their service. You prefer Google, by all means, share your files away with them. Meanwhile, Dropbox, meanwhile, pulled a Google (comparable with Gmail they can and do scan your mails) and got caught. Denied it, got exposed with pants down:

      Now imagine Apple pulling half a stunt like this, how many hits would that generate? Or wait, we have MacBill to cover the FUD for us.

    1. Mine too.
      I think that the joker doesn’t know how to log in.
      Heard tell that he only mastered a can opener last week.
      Potty training the week before that.

    1. I did as well. I kept getting error messages saying there were problems at the server, or could not access Port 993. It all cleared up around 3:30pm EST.

  5. I too still use my address and up until today rarely have had an issue. Apple kill the address. It’s so tacky for your company to have thrown this name out. Revert back to or come up with something better. With all of your big $$$ out there, put one of your ad agencies or corporate identity firms to work.

    1. Yes please, Apple, change that infantile ! Why did you change the nice and “apple related user identification” name into in the first place ?!?!?!. When I registered at MobileMe, there was no possibility to get a address anymore, only the, unfortunately.
      I cannot imagine that there will be an “” address…
      This would seem “volatile” or as someone would feel being in the “clouds” (heaven) after having had a joint!. Even for iCloud, the email name should be
      There is no better name for an Apple email address!

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