Fortune’s ‘Inside Apple’ article tops full-length books on Kindle bestseller list

“Among the usual suspects like Michael Connelly and James Patterson on the top 10 list of paid Kindle bestsellers this week was something of a surprise: ‘Inside Apple—From Steve Jobs Down to the Janitor: How America’s Most Successful – and Most Secretive – Big Company Really Works’ by Adam Lashinsky,” Laura Hazard Owen reports for paidContent.

“If you’re thinking that title sounds a little magazine-y, you’re right: It’s the same piece that ran in Fortune Magazine on May 9,” Owen reports. “It is available to paid subscribers of the magazine via Fortune‘s iPad app (non-subscribers can buy an iPad edition of the issue for $4.99) or for $0.99 in the Kindle Store. The one place you won’t find the piece in full is on Fortune‘s website—but that’s intentional.”

Owen reports, “‘Inside Apple’ hit #9 on Friday before falling farther down the list today.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. The article sheds some light on a post-Jobs Apple.

    There a handful of professors and staff who have already developed course materials for the Apple University, based on Steve Jobs’ knowledge and experience. Every process, as it relates to SJs’ business and management style is refined and documented and taught at the University.

    In fact, more than a few of Jobs’ inner circle teach courses to new generations of Apple employees and with that, Jobs’ Top 100 managerial tool will ensure the cream of Apple’s strategic employees will carry the torch long after Jobs retires.

  2. I just read it, and it’s pretty good, although not as comprehensive as I was hoping.

    It’s gotta cost the most per word of anything on the Kindle Store. 99¢ for *one* article? And it’s $2.99 outside of the US!

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