How Apple’s iOS 5 is going to utterly destroy local search

“iOS 5, Apple’s newest operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is coming in late summer or fall,” John Koetsier writes for sparkplug 9. “And I’m predicting it will completely reinvent local and mobile search.”

“Apple is making iOS your new best friend, [one] that does all the annoying little detail work for you,” Koetsier writes. “And it’s via an acquisition they made over a year ago, Siri, and a massive data center in the clouds of North Carolina.”

Koetsier writes, “Imagine this: pull out your iPhone and say: ‘I need a flight to Toronto on June 9, arriving in early afternoon, a downtown hotel that doesn’t cost more than $200/night, and tickets to a Blue Jays game that weekend. Oh, and by the way, make me dinner reservations at a good French restaurant for Friday night.’ Rocket science? Star Trek? Prerogative of wealthy execs with personal assistants and fat expense accounts? Rich man’s reality, poor man’s dream? Think again. This is what Siri does… and this is the future of iOS.”

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  1. But chocolate coated crumb cake or gooey fudge sunday from Google will dominate……after they take care of that fragmentation issue. And only new handsets/pads will run it. After its out of beta….

    1. Dominate what? Volume? Certainly not profit.

      Android’s one seriously flaw is that only Google will really benefit from it’s success. Just ask Motorola. Lots of volume and little profit. It’s looking the same way for software developers since Android users don’t like paying for apps.

      Google is also failing in the tablet and media player (iPod Touch) markets, plus AppleTV is blowing the socks off of GoogleTV.

      It’s all about eco-system going forward and Google doesn’t have anything to compete against: iTunes, AppStore, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV – eco-system.

      Android also seems to have a pricing problem in markets where you can’t hide price behind a contract, like in the phone market. Free phones are not free. In fact, the price of the phone means little or next to nothing.

      Apple’s economy of scale can’t be match by Android, since no single Android manufacture has anything near Apple’s volume, plus what volume they have is fragmented by dozen’s of model – Ice SHIT Sandwich won’t solve that. The fact that iPhone 3S and iPad 1 are still outselling new Android phones and tablets also speaks volumes.

      Android will continue to grow in the phone market but nowhere else and it will get harder and harder to compete with Apple as it’s profit share and buying power increase to drive down prices while maintaining margins, running their competitors out of business no matter how many phones they sell at razor thin margins.

      Just look at the financial health of Apple’s phone competitors, their barely making money or losing money all together. That can’t go on forever.

  2. Ha! Based on how well the current recognition works, he’ll get a ticket to Montreal for the AM, tickets to a Habs game and a brunch reservation at an Italian resto. 🙂

    I just love it when my iPhone misunderstands me and starts a call to someone who is not the right contact! And the phone is locked so I can’t cancel it fast enough before it starts ringing. This tech has a little ways to go.

    1. You’re referring to Apple’s existing voice recognition software. They acquired Siri’s technology because it’s much more accurate and advanced. That’s what will be in iOS 5.

  3. Apple already knows who their customers are and what they bought. They have an enormous customer base. They can simply start allowing you to stream what you’ve bought, and each time something is streamed it means revenue to the media companies. How they price it to the consumer is another matter.) Imagine: the music and videos are already in the iTunes store, so the media companies just sit back and enjoy the revenue, and Apple’s start up time is virtually zero.

  4. These are the guys that took what, 3 years to add a multi-tasking mechanism to the OS? Now they’re about to revolutionize voice recognition at a Star Trekkian level only a year after purchasing Siri? Lmao.

    Yeah, let’s get those wild Apple fanboy imaginations running again before we actually see iOS 5 and get brought back down to earth.

    1. I have shocking news for you :

      a) you sir, are a troll of enormous proportion

      b) iOS was multi-tasking capable since 1.0. (for example play music while surfing the web)

      c) Apple has more capabilities in their waste bins than most companies at their entire R&D departments.

      1. Set the talking points aside, KittyCat. Every sane person who isn’t drunk off the RDF recognizes that iOS didn’t have multi-tasking as it’s widely known to most, that being in interaction with third party apps, until last year.

        And the question isn’t what Apple is capable of doing; it’s what they’re willing to do now, and how much they’re willing to hold back for the future.

        1. Set the talking points aside, half-droid (where is your D2 part?) Every sane person who isn’t a troll or plain stupid can look up the definition of multi-tasking : doing two or more things at the same time. Was iOS 1.0 capable of doing more than 1 thing at the same time? Yes, indeed. 3rd party or 1st party is irrelevant. Case closed. Now STFU, GFTO and take your fail with you.

          1. Nice troll kill. Problem with these sheep brains (Android, Nexus, Dream, connect the dots) is that they live in Apple-hate forum bubbles where they thrive on their own ignorance and then congratulate each other. Often times, they cannot see the truth even if it stares at them from their own contradictory comments.

  5. Hey MDN. Your iOS app says it is being “retooled” and will be back “soon”.

    That was on Feb 12th, 3 months a go!

    I’m tired of using Safari to view your articles.

    What’s the truth about “be back soon”?

    1. It should say that the app is “made by tools”

      What do you expect from fanboys? They spend all their time protecting Job’s Mob (aka The Fruity Toymaker)…

  6. Remember the rumor of only a few days ago in which Apple was negotiating with Nuance, the maker of DragonSpeak, the best (virtually only) voice recognition app around? If they license their technology, this is entirely feasible and would be essentially recreating the “Knowledge Navigator”!

  7. Oh Jeez! Not again!! This utopian dream of a Mac/PC that can verbally serve our bidding has been regurgitated over and over since well before the Macintosh in 1984, (and every Windows release). If I could find it, Apple made a promo video ad showing a man at a desk talking to his computer while it spoke back reminding him of his appointments and booking his flights etc.

    It could never happen until computers become intelligent and self aware.

    Sadly … at that point some bleeding hearts will assert computers are therefore sentient meaning using them for servitude would be morally wrong. (cue the ominous music). lol.

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