Apple gains strength as Google touts Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’

“Apple seems to be getting stronger over time, despite competition from Google and, now, Amazon,” Richard Adhikari reports for MacNewsWorld.

“Older Apple iOS products sold at a discount such as the iPhone 3GS and the first-generation iPad are reportedly selling better than new Google Android devices,” Adhikari reports. “The debut last week of the iPad 2 in China drew huge crowds, the inevitable scalpers and, at one Apple store, reportedly resulted a beatdown of some customers by a foreign employee of the establishment.”

“But the competition isn’t just sitting back and taking a beating,” Adhikari reports. “Google announced Tuesday that the next version of Android [codenamed ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’] will run on both smartphones and tablets, much like Apple’s iOS does. It also unveiled music and movie services to go head to head with streaming entertainment services from Apple and”

“Google may still remain behind Apple in the mobile OS area. The next version of Apple’s Mac OS, nicknamed ‘Lion,’ which will debut in the fall, will reportedly incorporate many of the best features of the iPad,” Adhikari reports. “Apple has incorporated ‘a lot of the concepts in the iPad and iPhone’ into Lion, Carl Howe, director of anywhere consumer research at the Yankee Group, told MacNewsWorld.”

Adhikari reports. “Further, Lion will save everything all the time, Howe stated. ‘The stuff’s stored locally on your disk, and Lion has a versioning file system, so it keeps a back copy as well,’ he added. Lion will also make resuming work easy. ‘Everything always starts up where you left off, and all the programs work that way,’ Howe said.”

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    1. They probably knew when they first started this alphabeticla dessert naming scheme that they were going to hit a snag once they get past ‘H’. There really aren’t any commonly known sweets that begin with I (other than Ice cream). And Google always tries to be cute…

  1. Google will give away ice cream sandwich, as they did honeycomb and other android OSs. Against whatever revenue they gain from mobile OS search, they are investing heavily in development, OEM relationships, IP acquisition (maybe), and litigation versus competitors, patent holders, and irate customers. This is a money-losing product with only the hope that being a major mobile player will pay off in the future. It will be interesting to see how much patience stockholders have if Google continues to post disappointing numbers as they did last Q.

    Apple makes lots of money in mobile right now and as far as anyone can project.

  2. The author must have drank some of MDN’s Koolaid this morning. He needs to get out of lala land and take a good look at Android 2.3.3 or better the new 3.0. They’re both about a decade ahead of IOS right now.

  3. I can’t believe that MDN didn’t link the google free Ice cream video.

    Interesting though only 17K views, odd considering how popular it was, Could google be pushing it down so it doesn’t come up in searches, Naaa… they wouldn’t do that…. would they?
    Google is my friend…. my friend.

  4. If Google wants to compete, they should start looking at a naming convention that’s not so bloody idiotic. Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich… my God. Anybody trying to take them seriously would feel like a bloody idiot talking about their software versions.

    Of course, idiotic names do kinda fit with an idiotic OS 🙂

  5. They should’ve named it “Ice Cream Paint Job”. But isn’t it apple that madethe leap to consumer based Smartphones far before Blackberry and Google. Blackberry has been “professional” for almost 7 yrs. Google only since late 200-2008. It’s the poor man’s iPhone.

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