IDC: ARM chips to own 13% of PC market by 2015

“Suddenly, ARM Holdings is on the radar screen of the personal computer world, the market long dominated by Intel Corp.,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch.

“Processors based on the ARM Holdings architecture are expected to make up more than 13% of the PC chip market by 2015, IDC said Thursday,” Pimentel reports. “It was the first time IDC made a forecast on PC chips based on processor design… The IDC projection is based mainly on chips designed specifically for PCs, and does not include tablets, said analyst Shane Rau.”

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Pimentel reports, “Rau said the projection was based mainly on recent the announcement that the next version of Microsoft Corp. Windows operating system will support ARM’s technology. Recently, ARM and Nvidia Corp. announced a plan to develop chips for desktops and servers in a clear challenge to Intel.”

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  1. Another stupid anal-yst drawing moronic conclusions. The fact that windows 8 will support ARM is because the fat bastard plans to use it on tablets because microcrap cannot come with something better.

  2. Didn’t I read something about Apple purchasing a lifetime access to all ARM designs and allowed to improve the ARM system for itself???

    Does anyone else remember this.??


  3. Anything that “does not include tablets” is the delusional world that Steve Ballmer and the Microsoft team wants to read and live in.

    May the clueless ones always stay in charge right up to the end when they close the doors forever.

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