ZDNet reviews iPad 2; explains why Apple is winning with business users

“It’s been over a month since the arrival of the iPad 2 and Apple still can’t build them fast enough for all of the people who are ready to buy one — let alone keep the retail shelves stocked,” Jason Hiner reports for ZDNet. “Meanwhile, the iPad’s two most widely-hyped rivals so far in 2011 — the Motorola Xoom and the BlackBerry PlayBook — have been greeted by mediocre reviews and tepid sales.”

“Even more surprising is the fact that most business users are choosing the Apple tablet over the ones built by enterprise stalwarts Motorola and RIM,” Hiner writes. “After evaluating the iPad 2 for a month, this review explores the reasons why most business users still prefer the Apple tablet and looks at where the iPad 2 still has work to do from an enterprise perspective.”

Hiner reports, “Among business professionals — many of whom use the iPad for both work and personal use — the iPad 2 remains the tablet of choice. And, judging by the early competitors so far this year, it’s not in danger of being dethroned in 2011.”

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  1. The article missed a major shortcoming for Enterprise users: the lack of a proper file system / file manager. There should be a file system which can be accessed by all apps etc… CineXplayer and VLC should be able to play files from common folder. It is absurd that I have to sync the same file to each app separately, duplicating the space used.

    1. That’s the tricky part, isn’t it? If you require a file system, you introduce complexity. As it is now, within each separate application, your choices are crystal clear.

      And there’s refreshing clarity in that approach. Contextual file management.

      1. Because he still lives in the old days.

        I see his movie argument, cinexplayer/vlc but there are better ways to handle that “issue” he just has a very old way of thinking thats stuck in his brain.
        Rather than see the light, he wants apple to see his way. Or, go back in time to make him feel “safe”

      2. Some apps have different capabilities to others, eg with an audio file in mp3trimmer I can do basic edits on an .mp3 and re-save without re-encoding. With Amadeus Pro I can edit the waveform, and other editors have other attributes. If all you do is ‘consume’ then there is no problem.

  2. If you need a fancy file system, then buy a tablet running
    full blown Windows…and you can still go to the Start menu in order to Shut Down…the most ignoramus thing ever designed on the planet.

  3. For a ZDNet blogger to write something positive about Apple

    (remember a ZDNet guy rated the Playbook 7 out of 10 !! another bought a MAYLONG tablet – a device with a resistive screen and drops it’s WIFI 10 feet from source with his OWN money because it’s Android! The Maylong which Ars Technica described ” the Maylong M-150 is the very epitome of “race to the bottom,” and anyone looking to buy one would get more bang for the buck by setting it on fire for warmth.” )

    means the Apple device must be REALLY good.

  4. If you must have a proper file system as you describe, get a MacBook Air. I need to work on graphics files in Illustrator, so I use an Air. Nothing is perfect and will do 100% of what everybody needs. The iPad2 is amazing. But I still need more, so I use the Air.

  5. Larry Dignan and the zdnet crew don’t have a real competitor to evangelize against the iPad so the only thing left to do is prop up fake arguments about “business usability”. wtf?! they just can’t seem to let go of the fact that the iPad is not a laptop or a desktop and its file system is hidden from the user.

    here’s a clue, if having access to a file system is a missing killer feature, that’s also called a huge market opportunity! why don’t one of these folks just write an app for that?

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