RUMOR: Apple prepping YouTube competitor

Apple’s “$1 billion data center will be at least five times the size of Apple’s largest current server facility, located in Newark, California,” Steve Rosenbaum writes for The Huffington Post. “So, the question is — what requires all those servers to power that Apple needs, and doesn’t have.”

Let’s review.
• Apple has video capture in iPhones and iPods, and now iPads as well. I hazard to guess that Apple is already the worlds largest producer of consumer video camera in the world.
• Apple has video editing / post production: Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Logic Studio, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, and Color.
• Apple has content retail: iTunes, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and Apple computers.

“Apple is only missing one thing. The place where consumers and pro-sumers who make video put it. The place where the customers distribute, monetize, and manage the fast growing middle of the web video market. Consumer and pro-sumer video,” Rosenbaum writes. “Apple needs to build its own, Apple-branded YouTube — and they need to launch it in the next six months.”

Rosenbaum writes, “The rumor mill says they should, and they will. The name is, or should be, (The folks at Industrial Video in Ohio should be expecting a call any day now).”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That could throw a monkey wrench into Google’s WebM plans – provided Apple doesn’t squat down and squeeze out another Ping.

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  1. Please don’t, Apple. You don’t “get” social. You don’t “get” things like this. Just stick to what you do best… making great hardware and operating systems.

  2. Standard Apple strategy:
    When your competition threatens to use their flagship product against you, build a better solution. Final Cut Pro was the shot across Adobe’s bow that proved Apple could easily create and launch a product as complex as Photoshop.

    I’m guessing we’ll see video/photo hosting and editing, search, mapping and iWork cloud apps as part of the NC data center capabilities suite. If that video, search and mapping then becomes default on the iDevices, you have a pretty big ecosystem that immediately migrates out of Google’s camp.

    1. like they failed miserably at creating the video web codecs, not including creating the most unrivaled video format in quicktime?

      For those of you not using digital video since 1991, apple owns non-linear video/RT editing. Apple has been streaming video since the 90s, before google even was around to consider buying Youtube.

      And working for many for-profit companies with no vision, I had to install QT Streaming competitors such Real Player Servers and others which all paled in comparison to QT streaming at every compression ratio. This is back when an ISDN was the most a business would get for the phones, data, video, and audio.

      So If company has the experience in streaming video it’s apple. They now have the capital to basically to do what they wanted to do in the 90’s.

      1. QT unrivaled ? LOL – Quicktime time is inefficient CRAP. I know because my colleauges have worked with the QT SDK to write a Quicktime parsing engine. As did a partner company who is a major player in the video hardware market. Supporting QT was painful for them too.
        QT looks great but is an inefficient format.

  3. “provided Apple doesn’t squat down and squeeze out another Ping.”
    LOVE IT! Can’t get the grin off my face.
    But with YouTube SOOOO entrenched, I can’t see Apple making inRoads. They have to give it something else.

  4. Doesn’t Vimeo already fit this bill somewhat? It seems like a very Apple-like website. Beautiful, minimalist design, and the content that is posted ranges from middle-of-the-road to top notch.
    If anything, I would think that Apple would just purchase an existing media sharing company that’s been tested and is up and running rather than start from scratch.

  5. meh.

    The world doesn’t need another Youtube.

    Apple’s MobileMe gallery already provides the most beautiful video and photo gallery on the web. Keep it exclusive. Don’t open it to the Youtube “Leave Britney alone” crowd.

  6. Maybe it will get a rating system so that kids could watch videos as well – I won’t let my kids near youtube as there is a lot of crap that is way to grown up for them..

  7. This rumor reminds me that there isn’t yet an app on the market that could automate the process. This is a gaping hole in the app store and something that could net millions for an aspiring developer.

    Apple rumored to answer to

    You could shake it just like Urbanspoon. You saw it here first!

  8. I have it on good word that these data management resources are actually being positioned for use with iPhone 12, which will feature a personal 3D communication app codenamed BodyTime.

    Later on Apple will introduce personal tele-transportation capability into its iPhone/iPad lineup. Eventually, some time around the release of iPad 37, you will be able to backup your entire consciousness into The Cloud.

    Heady stuff.

  9. Love the opinions on something that is a rumor and which Apple certainly has not announced and for which there are obvious MULTIPLE uses of the data center capacity.

    For instance: Apple needs capacity to satisfy software downloads from Apple users for updates, upgrades, iTunes purchases & App Store purchases.

    Bet on 1 thing: Apple knows why it spent a billion dollars + on a data center.

    Bet on a 2nd thing: Apple always has a trick up their sleeve.

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