Paul Allen: Working with Bill Gates like being in hell

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
“Paul Allen doesn’t give many interviews, but Microsoft’s famously eclectic co-founder recently decided to sit down with 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl, to discuss his juicy new memoir, The Idea Man,” Amar Toor reports for Engadget.

“The memoir’s most intriguing (and controversial) revelations revolve around Allen’s personal and professional relationship with Gates, whom he described to Stahl as a gifted businessman with a penchant for being a total jerk,” Toor reports. “According to Allen, Gates would regularly engage in testy shouting matches with his Microsoft brethren, and wouldn’t hesitate to sling ‘personal verbal attacks’ against anyone who dared to disagree with him. Allen says he tolerated Gates’ explosions, for the most part, even though he desperately wanted to tell him that ‘working with you is like being in hell.'”

Toor reports, “The two hit a particularly rough patch after Gates allegedly plotted to squeeze Allen out of the company, not long after he was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma — an incident that spurred Allen to leave Microsoft, shortly thereafter.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Manny S.” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis not the least bit surprising that a thief currently trying to buy his way into heaven is a hellacious nightmare.


    1. No one can “buy their way” into heaven. We can only get there by “grace”.

      The work was finished 2,000 years ago by Lord Jesus Christ on a wooden cross, to pay a price that we couldn’t pay and that he didn’t owe. The greatest love story about Him and us in history!

      1. And yet, we have 2,000 years (and more) of churches telling us not only that we can, but we must, buy our way to heaven. “Call the prayer line now. Have your Visa or Mastercard ready!” :o)

          1. In my experience christian churches are the antithesis of everything that Christ reportedly did and taught. It makes it quite difficult to take anything they have to say seriously.

            1. Sadly, that’s in part true.

              However, go to the churches that just preach the Bible only.

              The Bible doesn’t need other books or sources to explain it. Just read it literally. And understand what people call “stories” are more accurately described as “events.”

            1. Christ said, “By their fruit you will recognize them.” I guess he fell for the “No true Scotsman” fallacy too. Oh well, he’s only human after all. 🙂

        1. John was correct Kirkgray, the only way to heaven is thru grace, in believing that Jesus Christ is our Savior, God’s Son, who died for your sins, and rose from the dead three days later. Churches don’t tell people to give money to them, God does. He gives you everything you have, you should “but are not required” give him (or the church by proxy) around 10% as a token of appreciation for what you have, to further spread the word of Christ’s free gift of salvation.

          1. I don’t know if John is correct or not – and I don’t really care.

            What I *do* know is that RW is correct. Let Gates try and buy his way in. It won’t work & he helps some people in the meantime.

      2. Religion has caused more pain and suffering than anything I know. There is no doubt in my mind that religion will be the cause of the next (most likely last) world war.

        1. You need to catch up on your reading, then BAC.

          It seems you’ve missed the entire 20th century and the exploits of Marxism in action. Between Lenin/Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, “religion” isn’t even in the ballpark.

          Well, unless you class Communism as a religion.

          1. He does need to catch up, but not because of anything you said. WWII was already influenced by it.

            Furthermore, Communism’s “atheism” wasn’t really Atheism: it was closer to having people worship the State as a religion.

        2. Don’t blame religion for the everything the false temple of Janus did or does, its now called The Vatican it has been a lie since day one, its ran by Jesuit Sabbatean Frankists Luciferians like Bill that’s where his initial investment money came from guys in black suits showed up with cash in a big suit case, Steve wouldn’t except it from the Mafia so they came up to Bill and made him the offer, I saw it on a TV special years ago, The new age of Aquarius is coming! and its not good.

      3. So John please take your grace, your jesus, your wood, and your love story and go elsewhere. This is a Mac blog. There are plenty of little boy blogs for your and your priests to “touch” but please leave this one alone.

      4. But kudos to the Romans for using ecologically friendly materials to execute tens of thousands prisoners. Mother Earth and those of us who’ve followed thank you.

      5. John, this is a computer blog. But your bait attracted my response.

        What work was finished? Looks like a work in progress to me. Your imaginary tripartate god successfully endowed the entire human race with grace? Or by being one of thousands of roving prophets of the era, Jesus successfully convinced all world leaders to stop their wars and morally unjust actions? You’d think if Jesus wanted to implement change, he would have sought the audience of Caesar Augustus, the most influential human on the planet. But no, he didn’t. Christianity wasn’t more than a private cult until Constantine decided it was more efficient to adopt one god instead of several — that was 313AD with the Edict of Milan. Over 55 Roman emperors ruled (over an era longer than the USA has existed) between the time Jesus lived and the time Christianity was allowed by the state to be one of the accepted religions.

        The “greatest love story” about your imaginary friend was scribed in the centuries after his death from the oral tales about a nice composite character — not unlike Robin Hood or King Arthur, which are newer tales. A legend only requires a splinter of reality, then you just spend decades spinning the facts a bit more in each retelling.

        If Constantine hadn’t decided to use Christianity as a strategy to unify his troops and fight off the invading Frankish and Teutonic tribes, Christianity would have remained a niche cult. Your heavily edited bible wouldn’t exist, King James wouldn’t have rewritten the tales to his personal taste, and humans would still act the way they do today — largely without grace.

        As others have stated, Christian religions offer a nice set of guidelines for living that the most ardent followers, in one way or another, hypocritically ignore when it suits them. Just like every other means of mass sheeple herding. Sorry to be the voice of reason, i have spent too much time studying reality to believe in ghosts and human-invented fairy tales.

        1. A cult so important they had to put him to death. Imagine that. If Jesus was a fake, why’d they have to off him & give the ‘cult’ credibility? And what about all of those ‘cult’ disciples that were all beheaded or put to death in His Name–seems they could’ve just denied Him & gone about there regular life. What about Emperor Nero? If it was such an ‘insignificant’ cult, why was he so threatened? But go on and preach it Nietzsche–you too will pass this life

          1. @nmm et al: Tell me more about this place you call hell. Where did Jesus describe such a place? Must be somewhere in MSFT or RIM corporate headquarters. Original biblical texts don’t ever describe hell, they use the Greek (Hades, Gehenna) words for “garbage dump”, or the Hebrew (Sheol), which is roughly translated as the “garbage incinerator”. Many ancients commonly burned their garbage and also their dead if your clan didn’t enshrine your body for your hoped-for afterlife.

            For your information, for every Jesus (it was a popular name at the time) honestly preaching the good word, there were several scoundrels swindling people under the conxtext of some other religious sect. Arguably Rome gave fairer trials but stiffer punishments than the christian church did in the centuries after the fall of the empire. Look at the context and laws of the time instead of retroactively projecting your values on them.

            Nero (Roman emperor from 54-68 AD) was brutal, what else would one expect from one who murdered his brother-in-law in order to ascend to the throne? But this was not uncommon in that era. The modern Christian argument that they are special because Nero condemned them following the fire of AD64 is self-serving. It is especially unconvincing when a christian points not to religious texts but rather re-interprets Tacitus’ writings from ~50 years after Nero’s reign to aggrandize their religion. Such slanderous writings claimed Nero fiddled while Rome burned, when in reality the fire of AD64 was only one of many that commonly occurred before and after. Fires were set by arsonists to settle scores, with occasional disastrous effect. Nero actually was in Antium at the time of the AD64 fire; he returned to Rome as quickly as possible, turned his palaces into a shelters for the homeless, spent considerable personal wealth on relief, and nearly bankrupted the treasury to rebuild Rome of fireproof stone. Yes, he did put to death the arsonists who pleaded guilty and happened to be Christians. This led to citywide lynchings of all Christians, guilty or not. By their nocturnal nature, refusal to join in pagan events or pay the Jewish tax, and secret-society behavior, early christians attracted the scorn of most Romans and indeed significant persecution at the local level. But historical revisionists twisted the events far away from this basic truth.

            Christianity’s worship of a humanoid Jesus is brilliant because it was self-fulfilling: martyrs can make superb examples of anything you want them to represent. Christianity, like most other religions that endured, uses the successful selling proposition of a life after death that can never be proven or disproven. Success was ensured because it offered social/moral/ethical guidance and hope even if you weren’t in the rich educated class. All that’s good, but corruption and hypocracy soon crept in: see Knights Templar, payment for indulgences, tithing and other currupt bookkeeping, and the invention of relics or other self-serving evidence that cannot (by design) be definitively disproven. Classic example of an organization that is run by people, for people — not by God. Thankfully today tose who seek to know God are not required to follow in lock step with organized religion, just as those who prefer computing nirvana are free to shun Microsoft and find another path.

            @Sal: if you could write coherently, I would have a better chance at figuring out what you are trying to say. Like Thomas Jefferson, I have respect for the bible — but I dismiss the ghost stories. I have studied religion — many religions, in fact. It appears you haven’t studied but one, and from one reference book only. Try comparative religion and history before telling me how to lead my life (and death).

            @WTF – right on! I would trust goat herders to tell me about goats, but not about other things that have evolved a couple millenia since.

            @macassurus – thanks for the good addition.

            1. You’re right about hell. Hades/Sheol (Greek/Hebrew) meant “common grave of man” gehenna referred to the constantly burning garbage dump outside of Jerusalem.

              Ecclesiastes 9:5 says the dead are conscious of nothing.

              Hellfire today comes from other religions and has infiltrated most mainstream religions. Basically, Gehenna was used to symbolize eternal destruction, not eternal torment. Dead forever.

              Most of mankind is in Hades, which Jesus referred to as a deep dreamless sleep. Or in computer terms… a computer that has saved its current state to the hard drive and is turned off (hibernating).

              Any religion that teaches anything else is clearly deviating from what the bible actually says. Any priest who advocates hellfire should be questioned: “Would a God who is supposed to represent fairness and love reward 80-90 years of bad behavior with eternal torment?”

              Punishment doesn’t fit the crime. And don’t let them do the whole “God’s ways are mysterious” either, because we’re supposed to be made in his image, after all… and I don’t know any normal parent who would punish their child by holding their hand over the stove… no matter how serious the mistake.

              Criticize all you want, but I’ve found that Jehovah’s Witnesses are closest to adhering to what the bible actually says. Of course, I’ve done due diligence and actually looked into it myself instead of just eating what I’m fed.

        2. Wow, Mike your going straight to hell bro. Funny how people like you think they know it all. Watch their little science shows and read their little science books and think they have the answer to everything. Oh yes, the big bang theory. Yep one day huge explosion and millions of years later we are here. Lmfao yeah that sounds like a good analogy. Or even better, we evolved from apes. So one day an ape had a human baby. And then more human babies came from apes. You and anyone who denies God or Jesus are absolute morons who are living in your own distorted reality. The oldest human alive was born around 110 years ago. With your small time alive on this earth how dare you say that religion or Jesus was a fairy tale!?! Jesus died for all of us to save our souls. Dont believe it? Well I feel sorry for you my friend. The lord is my savior. He has given us the gift if life. Read the bible, study religion before spewing your “scientific” nonsense.

          1. Unreal! You people who believe in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and god/jesus are a hoot! Its a sad state of affairs when you believe a book written by third party bronze age goat herders who thought the world was flat and the sun was some light stuck to the sky yet you totally disregard hundreds of years of verifiable peer reviewed scientific work at the drop of a hat.

            Please stop breeding so the world can advance at a faster rate. Thanks.

            By the way science specifically says we dont know it all. However you point to your ancient fairytale book and claim you do know. Your tiny brained arrogance is astonishing.

            1. Uhhh… the bible says the earth is round and hanging upon nothing. Do your research before you criticize. What people believed and what the bible says are often different…

          2. Sal

            Let me get this straight. Anyone who disagrees with you and points to historic fact is a “know it all”. But, you who believe stories passed down for 1000’s of years are a truth seeker? I HAVE read the bible. Aside from some of the old testament chapters that were basically designed as a handbook for social order and health, the rest is a bunch of stories designed to make sense out of this world.

            The FACT is you don’t know the truth…I don’t know the truth…no one (yet) knows the truth about what created this universe or what happens after death. Scoff at the Big Bang theory. But, it makes more sense than some intellectual entity twirling a magic wand and …poof…there’s a bunch of matter. You also scoff at evolution. But, it makes more sense that “God” pulled a rib from Adam and created a woman? Doesn’t that sound pretty far-fetched. Which is easier for you to believe. By the way, evolution usually takes place over a very, very long time. There is no “POOF”.

            If it makes you happy believing in magic, no approval is needed from anyone. Just stop taking advantage of every forum to push your beliefs. And, if you are going to call someone a moron because they do not believe your fairy tales, it would probably be so much more effective to do it in person and to their face. That way they could deal with you in a more Christian manner. Like burn you at the stake.

            1. I don’t think the Big Bang Theory answers the question about whether the Universe was created or not.

              In the end, what’s the real difference? The big difference between Something and Someone starting the big bang billions of years ago to form the Universe is that there may be something/someone more intelligent than we are.

          3. Sal is a perfect example of what religion does to stupid people.

            Jesus should make you have to pass an IQ test before you’re allowed to believe in him.

      6. Jesus, like John the Baptist, was an apocalypticist, whose issues are well documented: Romans out of Judea and rule by righteous Jews. What’s left of his original words, after many centuries of heavy politically-motivated revisions (we have no originals) still has him claiming this will all come to pass in his generation: the early First Century. The supernatural stuff was all added. His notion of what constitutes “righteous” is what makes him special.

        1. For those who haven’t read the movie or seen the book, here’s a quick recap:

          Book 1:

          1 – God creates everything. As he goes over his check list afterward, he calls everything “good”, except mankind which he calls “very good.”

          2 – After some adolescent behavior on the part of his creation, god downgrades mankind from “very good” to “bad” or “very bad.”

          3 – God tries to save everybody from being bad.

          4 – After about 2,000 years, god gives up on trying to save all of humanity to concentrate on one group. They call themselves Jews, he calls them “the chosen people.” (One of the millions born to another group during this 2,000 years? too bad for you.)

          Book 2 (about 2,000 year later):

          5 – God does what so many deities before him have done: he knocks up a teenage girl. Luckily, this teenage girl is already engaged to a nice guy who decides to marry her rather than have her stoned to death (which is his right).

          6 – Having fathered himself, god decides the whole saving the jews thing isn’t working out. From now on, jews are out, christians are in. (One of the billions on planet earth who have never heard of Jesus Christ? burn in hell for all eternity, because “god is love.”)

          Luckily, as god seems to rejigger his plans every 2,000 years or so, we’re about due for another change. What will it be? Who will he favor next? The excitement is palpable. (Maybe it’s the Mormons, and Glen Beck really is god’s new chosen prophet. “Buy gold or burn in hell,” sayeth god’s chosen messenger after these messages.)

    2. “better than not trying at all”.

      BG, stop TRYING!!!

      He’s setting up satan for his antichrist. His wife Mel wears an upside down cross as does Killary.

      These are demon people…

    1. The history books then. Gates is Salieri to Jobs’s Mozart, and he desperately wants history to judge him well. Microsoft won’t be remembered for anything other than ruthless business tactics, so philanthropy is Bill’s ticket to significance (or so he hopes).

        1. OT! Well, actually ‘Amadeaus’ was cooked up as a play many years before the film. There was a rivalry between the two as is evident by their ripping off each other’s music. In Mozart’s case it was probably just to annoy Salieri. Equally, there was an actual rivalry between German/Austrian made music versus Italian mad music.

    1. Uh… Jobs is passionate about creating good products. Gates was passionate about creating shitty products based on other peoples’ ideas and sourcecode, then cramming said products down the world’s throat through unethical and frequently illegal business moves.

      Kind of a distinction to be made there.

  1. Yes, and we’ve all heard the horror stories of working with Steve Jobs too. The lesson here? CEOs are not there to be your friend, they are there to get shit done. I don’t care what anyone thinks of them as people. What have they done for the planet? In Jobs’ case, he’s created wonderful products and an amazing online marketplace for media. Apple has revolutionized tech in ways that other companies could have never imagined, much less achieved.

    In Gates’ case, Microsoft created *mostly* mediocre garbage but you’d have to be sniffing the Kool-aid powder directly to be able to ignore the good that the Gates Foundation has done for the world. Yes, we’re all Apple enthusiasts here, but it’s just plain dickish to ignore that Gates is trying to make a positive difference, and it’s asinine to gloss over Jobs’ well-known penchant for being a dick to his employees.

    This is the part where Gates’ motivation for starting the foundation comes up. Two things. First off, it is lazy and irrational to assume his intentions are bad just because Microsoft is “the enemy” of Apple. Hey, is this still 1992? GET OVER IT. Microsoft was found not guilty of “stealing” Mac OS. Apple’s contract with them SUCKED, so they’ve no one but themselves to blame. Second, WHO CARES WHAT HIS MOTIVATION IS? If he’s doing good for the world, I don’t give two shits if it’s because he has a guilty conscience or whatever. Hell, at least he’s CAPABLE of feeling guilt if that’s the case, so why should he even be condemned for that?

    I love Apple products and the overall community, but the fringe looneys, much like in politics, make me want to punch someone.

    1. Bill Gates set up the Gates Foundation because he doesn’t like paying taxes on his business investments. If he makes them under the guise of a phony charity though, boom – tax exemption.–melinda-gates-foundation-buys-expedia-inc-walmart-stores-inc-the-cocacola-company-sells-peabody-energy-corp-cocacola-enterprises-inc-the-home-depot-inc

      That one link should be enough to clue you in to the foundation’s actual purpose. Or are you too busy sniffing the Kool-aid powder directly to click the link and read that short article?

      Considering some of the companies he invests in, like BP and Monsanto , I think its reasonable to suspect he’s probably doing more bad for the world than good through his philanthropic cover.

    2. Gates motivation is not filanthropic. It’s a scheme to rip off money from Microsoft’s shareholders, evade tax and trick poor people and organizations into buying services and products from Microsoft that they really can’t afford. Bill and Melinda Gates wield a lot of power with their foundation.

  2. While I was developing the MITS assembler for the ALTAIR 8800, Gates marked up my source code using his coding “tricks”. He had no rights to my code and I notified MITS president, Ed Roberts. That showed his lack of integrity. It wasn’t long and he was whining about customers making copies of his overpriced BASIC. Spoiled little rich kid.

  3. I think we’ve been over this before: Dicks of a feather flock together and dick each other over just like they dick over everyone else.

    Keep in mind that this is Patent Troll Paul Allen whining away about Gates’s evil. Everything’s relative. You’re evil in our eyes Mr. Allen.

  4. You don’t build a company from scratch into one of the largest in its industry by being a nice guy, unfortunately. Look at any industry: it’s CEOs are populated by pirates and bullies. Corporations and the flow of money are where war is waged today in the “civilized” world. Most of the Nazis even realized that they didn’t need to physically occupy countries to control them, but Hitler was such a crazy that they tried anyway.

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