Apple debuts new ‘Apple Support Communities’ social online forums

“Apple has gone live with the Apple Support Communities support forum upgrade it announced last year, adding social network features and replacing the Apple Discussions board,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple announced the new Support Communities upgrade to its online forums last August on the Apple Discussions board,” Ong reports.

“Users are encouraged to browse through ‘communities’ to find one focused on the relevant product or topic, then join the discussion by replying or liking posts,” Ong reports. “Those who don’t find the answer they’re looking for can easily submit a question to the community.”

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  1. I hope this doesn’t reduce the usefulness of the discussions. I’ve found so many solutions to my problems just by doing a search on the forums that I’ve lost count. No matter what problem I’ve had, someone else has already had it and there’s invariably a fix posted somewhere.


  2. Over the past four years or so, I’ve used MDN for tech questions almost as often as I’ve Googled them – not so much for troubleshooting, but for general questions about how devices interact and so on. Come to think on it, I don’t often have to ask questions; usually, someone else here already has!

  3. No problems logging in, really like how you can customize the look and content, all-in-all a great improvement to the dated Discussions site. Big thumbs up, Apple!

  4. 10/10 Apple: Takes some setting up, but once you understand how it works, it’s great.

    Drag the ‘recent discussions’ widget, and then immediately edit it, to only show, ‘Snow Leopard’, or ‘MobileMe’ for instance. You can have as many of these as you want.

    I’ve got 5 setup for Snow Leopard, MobileMe, iMac, iPhone, iTunes etc…

    RSS feeds: Search for anything on the discussions search bar, ‘virus’ for instance, click at the bottom to see this search as a RSS feed. Copy the feed.
    Drag the RSS feed widget into your page and then paste the link (-minus the ‘feed:’), it will then show you the latest results from that search. In this case, Windows PC drones with their first Mac who are convinced they have a virus.

  5. horrible, unless your just trying to find a single answer. Search doesn’t work, try typing in mail, nothing found. Numbers, nothing found! No support for iOS devices, even though they are the post pc revolution. No way to easily view your recent posts and what has new postings in at conversation.
    No support for ie7, which is necessary when you think they are marketing to the pc croud for iPads and such, and trying to get corps to adopt apple products for use in their pc centric worlds.
    Horrible horrible update. They needed another. Six months of beta testing before releasing this pos.

  6. Anyone who can remember the early days of AOL themed chats will have a chilling premonition of the preponderance of goofs and lizards that live forums (read: chat rooms) attract, especially if there is any whiff of “social” (read: off topic) networking.

    Even now the majority of broadly subscribed financial, sports, and tech sites (v. MDN’s own) are clogged with “regulars” (read: anonymously emboldened blowhards–identifiable by their 4-digit number of posts) who tangle threads with the bluster and silliness of their arrested adolescence and “idiot” and “moron” vocabularies. Such are not pleasant places to wade through looking for substance.

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