4 billionaires who are buying shares of Apple

“I’ve explained before why I think Apple is going to be the world’s first trillion dollar company,” James Altucher reports for The Wall Street Journal. “I also explained my admiration for the man behind it in, 10 Unusual Things About Steve Jobs.”

Altucher reports, “But it also helps to see some of the other forces behind Apple, particularly some of the billionaires who are far smarter than me who are busy accumulating shares of the company while mom and pop portfolios are being scared into selling.”

• Stevie Cohen of SAC Capital bought 553,000 more shares of APPL last quarter, bringing his total to $282 million worth.
• Ken Griffin at Citadel bought 2.5 million shares of Apple last quarter.
• George Soros bought 57,000 shares of Apple, bringing his total ownership to just under $100 million.
• Dan Loeb, from Third Point Capital, a noted activist investor, bought 10,000 new shares of APPL. His total position now is worth slightly over $50 million.

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  1. @KenC, you have more money than me. A share of Apple is pretty much an iPad or iPhone for me. What I am saying, 3000 shares, if not now will be more than $1 mil soon enough, which is a fare amount more than almost everyone else has. Billion shmillion, don’t be sad, about that, be happy you can play the game.

  2. @Poor Sap, a mere million isn’t enough to “play the game”. To actually be in the game you need the kinds of tools that are unavailable to mere millionaires – high frequency trading access, and the kind of inside information (e.g., NASDAQ rebalancing) that lets you steal other people’s money with complete impunity. Otherwise, you’re not a fish – you’re plankton, and you’re just hoping not to get slurped up for someone’s dinner.

    1. Steal other people’s money? Odd, are not the plankton out there, in it to steal other people’s money too??!!! Just on a smaller scale then say a George Soros type.

      This amoeba only hopes that plankton can steal the secret formula to the “Krabby Pattie”!

      1. No, the plankton are generally investing in things that they think will appreciate in value. Stealing requires doing something like trading on inside information or fomenting rumors – according to the SEC. I included high frequency trading because it’s not illegal, but it’s playing a game that’s rigged in your favor – you can make moves that the other guy simply cannot match. There’s nothing about skill or strategy – it’s like bringing a submachine gun and many clips of ammunition to a duel where the other guy has a flintlock muzzle-loader. Clearly not a fair fight.

  3. With inflation $1Trillion someday, when a new Toyota costs $100k and a Happy Meal is $15.
    The Wall Street crowd is so full of shit so often it isn’t funny. Didn’t see many buy reccomenations back in 2001 when I started buying at less than $10/share ($5 split adjusted).

    The whole idea is to forecast accurately- not jump on an obvious winner after most of the growth has happened. Wall Street analysts have a very poor track record-especially with Apple.

    I’m holding right now- expecting it to drop some more as our FUBAR economy takes another round of hits. There is no great secret to investing- you just do your homework & make decisions on cold calculation.

    1. I’m old enough to remember when a million dollars made one “rich”. Not anymore.

      A Toyota costing $100k? Well, our 1968 Toyota Corona cost us $1,800, while our 1972 model cost us $2,400. I also recall when $4,000 would get one a Datsun 240Z, $6,000 a Porsche 911. Today one can spend $30k on a Camry, up to $80k on their Lexus line.

      For what it’s worth, I also remember the days of the nickel candy bar, the gallon of gas that could be had for 30 cents, the ten dollar visit to the doctor (the bill, not the co-pay), and the college educations that cost less than a house.

      1. My tuition (in state) my Freshman year was $245 Full Time per Semester. Room & Board (20 meals a week) including Cable & Local Phone service (Long Distance was on your dime) was less than $900.
        I got my B.S. & paid for it all myself with money made working summers at a K-Mart. No loans, no grants, no scholarships, no parental funds. Try doing that today.

        1. Sons tuition at a middle of the road state school this year – $200/ credit hour. What changed since 1979? The onset of trickling down in 1980. All else follows (flows?) from that.

  4. I’m still a bit puzzled at these investors buying into Apple because there seem to be investors selling their stock much faster. Apple shares are on a steady decline with the media continuing to bombard Apple investors with delays, constraints, lost market share and the like. It seems to be working very well.

    I don’t know if any of you follow Intuitive Surgical but if you look at the movement from that stock you’d might ask why are those shares worth $360 and investors are just pouring more money into it and yet it appears and has been said that investors don’t want to spend $340 on Apple shares. Apple shares have really stopped moving over the last three months despite high target prices. I’m really having difficulty making sense out of Apple share downward movement. How can a stock from a company that’s essentially stealing business from rivals continue to decline?

    I don’t know if this quarter will be a blowout or not but even a blowout doesn’t guarantee Apple’s shares going up which was proven by last quarter’s earnings. Things just seem a little odd to me.

    1. Intuitive Surgical only averages 580k shares traded a day. Apple usually gets that many shares traded in the first minute of trading.

      As for Intuitive, I’ll ask my brother about them. He’s the busiest CT surgeon in SoCal, and does alot of testing of new devices for mfrs.

      As for Apple, the things you mention are all hearsay rumors that technical traders may like, but fundamental investors will wait for earnings in a couple weeks to see how this all shakes out.

    2. I am holding Apple right now & waiting to see the price bottom before buying again.
      Currently buying ARM Holdings (as in processors), Tesla (as in electric cars), and First Solar ( thin film solar power technology ) among others.

  5. For Apple to become trillion dollar worth company, it has to have like $300 billion sales, which does not seem probably. There was no case of any electronic device company would be of such size. The current Apple’s product line up can not be expanded to that size, and there is no upcoming new business areas that would help so (TVs are not one of them since it is low margin market).

    1. Apple will break $100B in sales this year. $300B is only 3x that. Back in 2008, Apple only had about $37B in sales. So, it took about 3 years for Apple to triple sales from 2008 to 2011.

      Back in 2005, Apple had $13.9B in sales. So, it took Apple about 3 years to triple sales from 2005 to 2008.

      Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, but do you really think that it is improbable for Apple to triple sales in another 3 years?

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