Police identify burglary suspect killed in Apple Store shootout

“Police Tuesday identified a man killed in a shootout with a security guard at a San Diego-area Apple Store as a 23-year-old parolee and gang member,” The Associated Press reports. “Alex Somphonh Choulamontry was one of three suspects who tried to flee after the burglary Monday morning, Chula Vista police said.”

“The trio fled in a car but crashed into a nearby light pole, and Choulamontry died from a head wound,” AP reports. “Police arrested the accomplices, who were booked on numerous charges including robbery and assault with a firearm. Both were scheduled to be arraigned in Chula Vista Superior Court on Wednesday.”

AP reports, “Choulamontry had a criminal record including convictions for theft, drug possession and drunken driving.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. One’s dead, excellent! Unfortunately, the other two have ‘rights’ and I now have to pay for their trial, prison, parole and future crimes. Why could the security guard not have been a better shot?

    1. What, you want this country run like a third world country with public executions and no due process of law? Imagine getting a parking ticket in your world!

      These guys do crime, they should do the time. Anything else and we’re no better than the ruthless extremists from the other side of the world.

    1. On what grounds would the ACLU sue? Throw a logical argument or STFU. The security guard is hispanic and a retired law enforcement officer. Not that race matters in any reasonable way but I’ll assume that angers you somehow? Will that make him less of a hero in your little world?

      1. Look at past ACLU lawsuits.
        why do you think they are referred to as American CRIMINAL Liberties Union.
        and biased… Nah ACLU never would be biased… again, look at past ACLU lawsuits.

        1. Based on past lawsuits, the American Civil Liberties Union is a two-edged sword that bases its action on freedoms documented in the U.S. Constitution. If you disagree then maybe the real problem lies in your opinion or interpretation of American law —or that the law is too vague or broad. Read each of their lawsuits and notice that they point out actual lines in the law. Don’t like their lawsuit? Maybe the law isn’t specific enough for your tastes or too ambiguous. Don’t hate the ACLU because today they sue someone that you agree with. Half the time they also sue the people you hate, for equal reasons.

        2. Exactly right! The ACLU is not consistent, they tend to favor the criminal element. If I shot an intruder in my home with a legally owned firearm and “God forbid” I didn’t kill him. The ACLU would be trying to sue me because I didn’t post a sign stating that this homeowner has a firearm and therefore the burglar wasn’t given proper notice to make an informed decision. Long sentence, I know, but they would try to nail me for using my right to defend myself. The ACLU very rarely stands up for the second amendment. They have in some instances where it might have been politically expedient.
          FTB is right on, just look at the cases they decide to defend or not. Call a christian a dirty name and that’s just fine but, call a muslim a dirty name and you’ll have the ACLU and Jesse Jackson calling for a boycott of whatever might do you harm. Jimmy Jenkin’s reaction is just an example of the “thin-skined” problem most libs have. To them, the ACLU should be able to rewrite the Constitution.
          “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” & your disability check is in the mail.

      2. There’s no jobs for a great many honest Americans today…. much less criminals. You can store unemployed and poor people by the hundreds of thousands and even millions in jails, prisons, work camps, etc… with real criminals but it costs a great deal of money further exacerbating the problem.

        Why not just bring back the agriculturally located Federal camps for the poor like we had during the Great Depression and save the jail and prison space for real criminals.

    2. You have something against the ACLU?
      They defended the free speech and rights of assembly of your buddies in the KKK and American Naazzi Party.
      By Jehovah, you should send them a big check!


      1. Yeah right, not while Stymie is in the White House. They really came running to defend those voters who were being intimidated by the Black Panthers didn’t they. If ever there was a civil liberty to defend, the right to vote, they sure were silent weren’t they Mr. Reese.
        Sorry for the “Stymie” comment, I meant to say our “Kenyan-born Muslim in Chief”

  2. Added to the dictionary…

    gang•bang•less – n. – One less parolee gang banger who got what was coming to them sooner or later thanks to a dumb idea (rob store) and an even dumber action (shoot at law enforcement) and an armed security guard!

  3. Save your feigned outrage, libs.

    You want something to be incensed about? Someone to protect?

    115,000 children are killed each day in the U.S.A.

    That’s right, sucked right out of the womb. Sluuurrrppp! Usually they are minority children. (That’s how the man really keeps the numbers down, by the way).

    Yup. 42 million souls exterminated each and every year. Innocents, not drugged up fsckwits like the above miscreant, either.

    It’s not your body, potential murderesses, you’re just carrying another life, independent of yours; providing shelter and nourishment during your baby’s development. You have no right to kill. Certainly not your own offspring.

    This is why the U.S. is broken. There are consequences for not only your convenient “beliefs,” but also for your evil actions.

    1. Here’s a hard dose of reality for you: According to the CDC, there were under 850,000 abortions in the US in 2008, the last year for which there are numbers. http://www.christianliferesources.com/?/library/view.php&articleid=1042 And that includes cases of rape, incest, and where the mother’s health was at risk, as well as cases where the fetus was so badly deformed it wouldn’t have lived anyway. So take your right wing republican FUD home. This is a mac website, not a political soundboard for you to spread your lies and rhetoric.

      1. Gee, only 850,000 per year?

        You make my point, not refute it.

        And, yes, I mistakenly used the worldwide numbers instead of the ones that were U.S.-only.

        One is too many.

        1. ONLY is your word, not mine. My point was that you were telling lies and citing them as truth. Your point is a political one. Go to a political website. This is a mac slanted tech website.

          1. Obviously, “only” was my word. It was used for a point.

            I did not lie, I mistakenly cited worldwide figures.

            My point is not “political,” it is ethical and moral.

            People who classify murder as “politics” do so in order to occlude the killing and assuage their guilt over committing and/or condoning it.

            1. You don’t seem to be able to understand that not all abortion is murder. Let me tell you a true story. Some years ago, my wife was pregnant with a child we both wanted. Unfortunately she developed a fast growing, hormone driven cancer. Without treatment there was no way she would live long enough to be able to deliver the baby at a stage where he was viable. Yet the treatment she needed would kill the baby anyway. We had an abortion. My wife had treatment and died one year later. You say that one abortion is too many. Are you calling me a murderer??

        2. OK, so you are quite clearly implying that when a woman you care about (I realize that there might not be any) is raped — let’s say by a buddy of the guy shot by the security guard — then you want to require her to have the baby? Damn, that is SWEET!

          1. Hell yeah!! There’s tons of childless couples willing to spend thousands of dollars on that little Bastard. Make her carry it to term and watch that bank account grow!

      2. You’re missing the point. Supposedly we’re all created equal however, the ACLU sees unborn humans as nothing more than a benign growth and not worthy of protection. You libs are so predictible. You guys want to give foreign terrorists more rights than our own unborn citizens.

        1. unborn citizens

          Typical right-wing nut job thinking. Where do you stand on children of illegal immigrants born on US soil? Citizens?

          Do you also count aborted children of illegal immigrants on US soil as murdered citizens?

          1. Murdered citizens? Surely you jest. I consider them illegal aliens who have been “creatively deported.” 🙂
            That should rile ya!

            Illegal Immigrant=oxymoron

        2. No, I’m not missing the point. Your point is misplaced. This is a mac news website, not a political one. Take your political views to the correct forum. And I’m not going to dignify your ridiculous comments about terrorists with a response.

    2. The way things are progressing we’ll soon be adding 42-million people to the rolls each year.

      They say it’s all god’s work and I believe it. He guides the hands that raise the blade and slaughters 42-million babies every year.

      Good god, let’s eat!

  4. It’s stunning how many seemingly innocuous threads on MDN get hijacked by (usually conservative) elements and turned into a political mosh pit. When did MDN become this? It’s great reading about Mac and iOS related stuff, but I hate the link-baiting and gutter-crawling.

    What the heck is so hard about keeping this focused on Mac?!?

      1. Is this site not ostensibly a Mac- and tech-related site? Is the primary focus supposed to be those topics?

        There are plenty of other sites out there for everyone to rant about politics and left-right disputes. What is it about MDN that attracts this kind of behavior?

        1. I think because MDN loves the hits #1.

          Secondly, because we all tend to have more than one love/hate relationship (for us here primarily Mac/Windows-Android-AntiMac crowd).

          PS. I think only the most vile comments may be deleted.

    1. you are incorrect sir.
      the very second the word FOX is mentioned in a MDN article… the Libs go nuts.
      90% of the trash talk here, STARTS by the libs.
      Go find the major political threads, majority start out by some Liberal attacking Fox or conservatives in some way. then it goes to hell from there.

      I WILL agree with you that there are some “conservatives” here that DO like to start the fights.. Not going to deny that one.
      But there are more Liberals that like to start it also.

      This article didnt have a chance… the other thread from monday that first reported this incident.. went to hell in record time. I read the story, started to read comments… and quit. not worth the time.
      at last look it was over 100 responses, and i’d argue maybe 10-15 worth reading…
      I dont know who started that one, the way MDN deletes some responses it could have been anyone.

  5. Theft, drug possession, and drunk driving. Sounds like Mohammed Atta, Charles Manson and Attila the Hun to me.

    How many of you have never stolen anything, had a joint, or driven while tipsy? Lotta blood lust in this crowd.

    Meanwhile, somebody’s mother is having the worst day of her life.

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