Deutsche Bank: Just 100,000 Xooms shipped so far

“Analysts at Deutsche Bank have put a potential number on talk of possibly slow Xoom sales in a new research note,” Electronista reports.

“Extrapolating from data in Google’s Platform Versions chart, it estimated that about 100,000 of Motorola’s tablet had shipped between the February 24 debut and the end of March,” Electronista reports. “The prediction also likely included a small number of hacked installs on other devices.”

Electronista reports, “Motorola has never publicly discussed its Xoom shipment figures and might not quantify them until its next quarterly results, if at all.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who’s xooming who? Outside of their shareholders, it looks like Motorola Mobility’s xooming very few.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jen” for the heads up.]

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      1. Ah, it’s got flash, dude …… Well maybe kinda soon but well yea, you know flash, dude ….

        What is wrong with you and the other million people who won’t buy it …. Thought everyone wanted flash?

  1. A coworker picked up a Verizon iPhone about a week after they were available and was duped by the salesguy into buying a Xoom. Cause it was faster, had a camera, and had Flash compared to the iPad 1! This was pre-iPad 2 announcement. I have my iPad 2, he hasn’t said a word about his Xoom.

    1. Actually this was my experience as well. I went to VZ to buy an iPhone. And when VZ sales guys heard iPhone they all surrounded me and started pitching me Xoom at times making statements that just false. e.g., Xoom has more Native applications available. When i point out that there are like 12 apps on Xoom vs. 60,000 on iPad, the VZ guy told me it is 1st time he heard that.

      It got to the point of being completely ridiculous and d. When I told them that i would rather wait for a superior

  2. The Android takeover of smartphone is happening because the wannabe OS is loaded on every POS product out there. Even if the users has no clue how to use it ( proven by latest webstats ), they just buy the cheap POS and its loaded.
    XOOM the user has to make a conscious choice to buy, because they intend on using it, and the OS and hardware build matters to them. Thats why its failing.

    1. Android phones only sell in two places: cheap Chinese knockoffs and on carriers that don’t have the iPhone. Now that iPhone is in Verizon, there are very few places Android phones can sell without direct competition, so those previous sales are evaporating. Tablets don’t (or shouldn’t) require a carrier contract, so consumers choose them based on brand and quality and ecosystem, hence the lack of Android tablet sales.

    2. Exactly right about the phones. My co-worker just got a Droid and when I asked him about Android, he said “And–what?”. He had no idea what the OS was. He said the guy at the Verizon store told it was a great phone (for his commission more like it), so he got it.

      1. That’s actually a problem. VZ sales force has incentive to sell android phones for commission. iPhone is more a pull from a customer directly vs. Droid should be pushed to consumers through sales force.

    1. Because 1) some people are so anti-Apple they’ll buy something else to spite themselves, 2) because some real geeks (the kind that compile Linux kernels) are more caught up in tech specs than usability.

      1. Seriously, the Xoom has a place for those with specialized requirements, like the Linux compiler geek you mention. I am happy that there is a tablet for those folks. I just want the mainstream pundits to get real about trying to equate what a Xoom and iPad represent to the broader universe of potential tablet users. There is no question, that given a week’s experience on both platforms, 85%+ of users will prefer the iPad. Aside from a very short list of dubious “features”, the iPad stomps the Xoom in every possible way. You’ve got to want one of the Xoom’s exclusive features in a very big way to justify the purchase of one.

  3. Come on and Zume!
    Come on and Zume-Zume!
    Come on and Zume-A-Zume-A-Zume!
    Come on and Zume-A-Zume-A-Zume-A-Zume!

    Better luck next year Motorola.
    Mops to clean up the bloodbath are in the mail…

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