“Motorola today sent out a segment of its teased Super Bowl ad that revealed its strongly anti-Apple rhetoric,” Electronista reports.

“The 15-second snippet portrays iPhone and iPad users as Orwellian proletarians, all wearing the same white hoodies and white earbuds,” Electronista reports. “The lone Motorola Xoom owner, appropriately reading 1984, is comparatively colorful and uses his tablet to help him find a flower shop.”

MacDailyNews Take: When doing a half-assed knockoff of an iconic Apple product, why not do the same to their famous Super Bowl ad, too?

Electronista notes, “The ad also carries a degree of irony as it encourages users to switch to a platform with as much market share in the smartphone world and controlled by Google, whose goal is to track users’ behavior.”

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The leaked portion of the ad:

MacDailyNews Take: Motorola’s trade dress infringement is so severe, most Super Bowl partiers will think this is an iPad ad, if they notice it at all. For the teetotalers, this ad is tractionless pap that, so far, impresses the following message upon the viewer: “Get a Xoom to go with your Zune, Kin boy, you connoisseur of orphaned, dead-end tech, you.”

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha: iDon’t have an original idea in my head, and neither does our ad agency.