5 excellent iPad productivity tools for under $5

“The iPad isn’t just for consumer-driven entertainment—people also want iPads so they can be more productive,” Tom Kaneshige reports for CIO. “Already great iPad productivity tools have emerged, chief among them, Quickoffice and Dropbox. Some apps straddle work-life balance, such as Evernote, which can be used to take both personal and business notes and voice memos.”

Kaneshige reports, “Then there are a few cool iPad productivity apps [of which] you’ve probably never heard”

Here are five under $5 that will be a great help to most companies and their workers:
• DocuSign
• iA Writer
• Salesforce Chatter
• SoundNote
• WordBook

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


    1. dont you have to pay a monthly fee for that?
      I use teamviewer myself. free.
      the free doesn’t include file transfer, but using dropbox while inside teamviewer works just fine.

  1. I LOVE WordBook. I use it like 10 times a day, playing the crossword, just looking words up, or making anagrams in Words with Friends.

    WordBook is especially great because it includes details like the year a word was first used and its origin. Awesome program well worth the money.

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