Apple iPad 2 sellouts, severe shortages worldwide

“Once exclusive to the States, iPad 2 stock-outs are now a worldwide phenomenon,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“Just two days after going on sale overseas, the successor to Apple’s original iPad is in tight supply in many of the countries where it’s just arrived at market and nowhere to be found in some of them,” Paczkowski reports.

Paczkowski report, “Reports of stock-outs are widespread, coming in from Canada, Germany, Australia, and Britain, where the iPad 2 evidently sold out in 24 hours.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Personally, I don’t see how Apple does itself any good at all by frustrating iPad customers—first all over the U.S., and now all over the world. They could have and should have done better.

    1. Done better at what? Making everyone wait until there were enough iPads to go around? Delaying the launch so that more competitors could launch their products first? Making the workers in China work even harder to assemble your iPad sooner? Please explain exactly how Apple “should” have done better?

        1. But as numerous others have pointed out, there was nothing to be gained by making everyone wait and letting RIM, Samsung, HP etc. try to steal some publicity by launching first. Apple is – and wants to appear – revolutionary, not reactionary. This way, a million or so customers are already enjoying their iPads. Everyone else has to wait, just as they would if Apple hadn’t released any.

        2. Chill guys! Apple is ramping up to 4-6 million units a month! If you don’t want to wait in line order online. 3-4 week… No big deal! I will for Black 3G 32Gb patiently until April 15th :oD

  2. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Apple actually MADE SOME IPADS IN AMPLE QUANTITY before they tried to SELL THEM WORLDWIDE?

    Instead, Apple is doing what Apple does best — pissing off customers worldwide at every product launch.

    When will Apple learn that they shouldn’t RUSH THESE THINGS TO MARKET when they’re NOT PREPARED TO SELL THEM?


    Yet Apple has absolutely no shame over this.

    1. Nonsense. Just because you are annoyed, I don’t think it will affect sales at all. Are you planning to line up to buy a Playpad?

      I didn’t think so.

    2. MacBill – what Apple does best is design ridiculously great products that enormous amounts of people around the world want. If 5, 10, or 20 million people want an iPad 2, a number of people have to wait till 5, 10 or 20 million iPad 2s are made. Why make everyone wait until the 20 millionth device is made? You can bet your bottom dollar that Apple is having these things made as fast as they can be made. In the meantime, a significant number of people are enjoying their device. Why should anyone, let alone Apple, be ashamed about this?

    3. Wow, what a curmudgeon. You know, you could just order one on the website. People wait in line at their own peril.

      Also, it’s pretty clear Apple had thousands of iPads at its stores. That’s “AMPLE QUANTITY”. I doubt they could stock any more than that.

      The only person without shame is you.

  3. Jesus.

    I’m in the UK and ordered one online on the UK apple store. Order delivery by 25th April.

    Couldn’t wait so went to a local comet store and queued with about an hour before launch time, was number 12 in the queue and paid for the ipad and should be collecting it tomorrow (fingers crossed).

  4. Imagine how much revenue apple is potentially losing because they haven’t made enough.

    People will only wait so long before they buy another brand of tablet PC.

    Real shame, a Phenominal product and hardly any around. Apple will lose Market share because they can’t make the things fast enough.

      1. Really. Not what I experienced at the weekend.

        People Getting turned down as there’s no iPads and then going over to look at the competing makes.

        Saw 2 people buy samsung tablets because of apples lack of supply.

        1. I doubt people were intending to buy an iPad, and settling for a cheap POS..
          those that want an iPad, will buy an iPad. they will wait if they have to.
          I’m sure you expected Apple to have the insta-iPad assembly line setup in all the Apple retail stores by now so anyone that ever wanted an ipad can walk out the door on day one with one.
          the rumors i hear say that will be next year.

          back in reality..
          In order for apple to have pre made EVERY iPad that they would need to sell in the first month, they would have had to hold off on releasing it till prob late summer. and people like you would bitch that you would have to wait to get one… which would be the same as it is now, you bitching about having to wait to get one…

          Apple did a damn good job getting them in consumers hands, maybe if you got off your ass as well, you could have one yourself.
          I got mine, and i didn’t stand in line every day till i got one… i ordered mine online, got it last week.
          iPad 1, 1 million sold in 28 days.
          iPad 2, 1 million sold…. i bet in less than 2 weeks.
          demand is huge, i agree. But you can’t blame apple for a lack of effort on their end…

        2. From what I understand, some of them are thinking to return those iPad wannabes within two weeks to get a full refund. They just want something to play with while they get a REAL iPad.

  5. Lol and if they had waited people would complain, and if they had made more, how many did you need? Because it’s silly to think you can really predict the amount completely accurately every time. Yea it sucks to wait, but it’s not killing anyone to do so.

    Things they should have done?
    1) limit to 1 at the start
    2) store availability site

    1. Yeah, limit of 1, and then the next thing you know someone complains on a blog that they waited 30 hours to buy 2 for their grandparents, and was denied. In fact, I believe we got those stories back during one of those iPhone launches in NYC.

  6. Everyone i know wants to buy a new iPad. It is not a question of Apple not being considerate, it just NO ONE expected that much demand.

    P.S. I ordered mine online 2 weeks ago and should receive mine in 1-2 weeks

    1. I bet apple, and everyone else, expected to sell the same as last year with a little extra. 5-15% more sold right off the top. and demand would grow just like last model.
      I think the “demand” was more than anyone expected. I cant fault Apple for it..
      Look at the first iPad, nobody (even apple) could accurately predict what happened.
      the iPad was a game changer. Hell, Industry changer.. Apple wanted it to do good, but total destruction of the market in less than a year? I bet that when the iPad was being discussed at the boardroom at apple, there was no Apple exec saying that they will sell 15 million in less than a year. Has not even been a year since the very FIRST iPad was sold… next week isn’t it?

      and besides..
      the news of shortages, is worth more in advertizing for apple than any money spent directly on advertizing BY apple. and its free…
      I was just in my apple store yesterday, they get a shipment almost everyday, sell out quick… but they are still getting them constantly. Multiply that by how many retail stores? and add in walmart, target, bestbuy etc… Apple is making a serious effort here to keep up.

    2. I agree. Everyone I know wants the iPad 2. They all go ga-ga over mine (bought on Day 1). Objective, “everyone” means at least 50 people I know want the iPad 2. Some of they have bought it already.

  7. Don’t forget, the more Apple makes prelaunch dramatically increases the chances of leaks (both because of quantity of devices out there and because of longer lead time). Apple probably only had a month lead time to get these ready for the US launch and a little bit more for world ramp-up.

    Another factor could be the Verizon Effect: remember all the negative articles about “no lines” for the V iPhone? If Apple had made enough iPads that there weren’t lines, people would be writing that it wasn’t popular!

  8. I just wish MY company had the problem of too many people wanting my products. I highly doubt anyone who is looking for an iPad2 will go get a Xoom or other tablet. They will wait for the best one, not a product that is already outdated and non-working condition out of the box.

  9. All you morons complaining about Apple “botching” up the iPad 2 release are about as intelligent as a 3rd grader and need to STFU. Did you retards even think about the alternatives to not introducing and selling products ASAP? You’re obviously just pissed off because you weren’t able to get your own unit on Day 1. Do you seriously expect Apple to hoard several millions of iPad 2 units before selling them? Selling a finished product now is obviously selling a finished product later, especially if people want to buy it. Would you rather wait for competitors to come out with their products and steal buzz and media coverage away from Apple? The industry does not sit still and fortunately neither does Apple. Apple’s rollout of the iPad 2 was appropriate and effective, and only the people who aren’t able to get an iPad 2 think otherwise.

  10. The problem is simple – demand obviously far outstripped supply. There are limits to how much of a product can be produced and stored – production capacities, transportation capacities, raw material capacities, storage capacities, manpower capacities – but there is no limit on how big the demand can be. Add to that the fact that manufacturing the iPad is not like, say, manufacturing bars of soap. It is a precision technological device that surely requires careful production and there is no room for anything less that 100% perfection in the final product. I see no logical reason why Apple would want to deny itself the billions in revenue it would generate from more sales. It seems that demand simply overwhelmed all the available capacity to produce the device.

  11. Cool it kiddos,
    everyone is going to get one, sooner or later 🙂 ….and those who in frustration go over to the wrong side of the road for a Galaxy et al, the copycats, just don’t deserve an iPad2. Right?

    Of course Apple is producing iPads as fast as they can, and we will just have double the pleasure for every week waiting!
    Produce more, more, more ….and the chinamen sweat more, more, more…..

    1. yeah i got that also.
      and i know of 4 iPad 1’s that were sold in the past two weeks.
      A company wanted to use iPads in their business, and just decided the camera wouldn’t suit them. took the $100 off as a Bonus, they were only going to “try” 3 iPads to see if they could replace laptops, now they just picked up 4 v1’s instead of 3 iPad 2’s. they only wanted 16gb, no need for music/video storage. and limited apps.
      Verdict? owner is buying a personal iPad 2 🙂

    2. the camera is a huge deal! I am guessing you don’t have very many friends to facetime with… It is amazing to show your buddy “check this out at this store I am at” and your buddy says “hey, buy one for me too!”

  12. Geez. They can only build so many. What do you want Apple to do? Build 20 million and stock them for three months untill 20 million is completed so that they can release them all at the same time and not run out? In the meantime the competitors get wind if this huge growing stock of iPads just being stored and they do nothing to compete againts the upcoming release? You can bet theses guys will fast track a product to beat out the current specs.

  13. Here in Sweden at my local Apple Premium Reseller they started selling iPad2 at 17.00 (5pm) on friday ( line started forming at 11.00 (11am) .

    All 3G+GPS models sold out on friday and by saturday all wifi models were gone too!

    Online Apple Store Sweden says 3-4 weeks delivery time for every model…

    Soon half of China will produce iPads for everyone in the post-pc world

  14. I picked mine up today at the Montreal store. Apple did not allow me (a business client) to reserve one and then jump the line on friday’s release date). I was disappointed but thought it a nice idea that APPle takes care of the people who wait in line.

    Too bad for those who are still waiting as my white iPad2 has everyone at work drooling with envy. Yes, Virginia, possessing Apple products do make you seem cool!

    1. That’s not enough!

      They’re slacking! – crack the whip and get those Chinese men working 24hr shifts 😀

      More more more and get on with it you slackers! :DD

  15. iPad 2 “Sold out” WWWorld-wide!

    What a Great good problem for
    AAPL 🙂
    Not their fault that “demand is soooo good!

    BUY AAPL stock B4 it hits $400 bucks then next year $500 bucks 🙂

    401k 🙂 Happy!!!

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